March Goals

March Goals

Hello! Time for monthly goals!  I think I did quite well in February, well mostly 🙂  I mentioned in my February Goals that I wanted to try more recipes from the Deliciously Ella book.  Sadly this was my one fail.  I did however eat well throughout the month, although with the travelling at the end of the month I may have allowed a few unhealthy meals… All in all I’ve done quite well with reducing the amount of gluten I eat and I am feeling the benefits.

I did manage to squeeze in a few HIIT training sessions.  I’ve even started training with a friend from work, which is helping to keep me motivated.  I tried out some PIIT workouts from blogilates while I was travelling.  Kinda proud of myself there.  The prep for Worlds is going well.  In fact I was at a competition recently and I think I danced quite well! That’s what the above picture is from, those are some of the excellent people I train with.  We managed to declutter my husband’s clothes, I say we, I mean he decluttered his t-shirt drawer.  So the slow declutter continues.  Another goal I achieved was to create my end card for my videos! I almost didn’t do this, but I’m glad I did.  I’ve already included it in a few recent videos!

So now we’ve caught up on February, let’s get on with the goals for the month of March!

The European and Worlds are only weeks away, so they’re my main focus this month.  I need to just keep on top of my training and maybe rein in the last of the sugary treats for the next few weeks.  Sadly this may mean that I will be slightly erratic in my posting as my training squeezes my free time.  Things should go back to normal in a few weeks, thank you for bearing with me!

I have so many products that I need to review, so this month I want to get caught up on that front.  I will of course mix in normal posts, but I really must do those reviews!  I feel like I’ve been slacking.  So expect lots of shiny new product reviews 🙂

A goal I’ve not discussed in a while is budgeting.  I was a bit spendy when I was at home, so this month I really have to get my budget back in control.  This may be difficult, I travel up to London every Sunday and it’s so easy to buy snacks along the way, or cups of tea.  I just need to stop buying lots of little things.

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