Mermaid to Redhead!


So you may have noticed on both my facebook page and my Instagram that I am now a redhead.  You may also wonder why?! I loved my mermaid hair very, very much.  In fact I still do!  Sadly though sometimes we have to conform in life and this is one of those occasions!  I’ve the World Irish dance championships at the end of the month and some social norms are required.  So instead of wearing a wig, I decided to go the whole hog and redo my hair.  If you want a closer look at my mermaid hair, you can check out this post all about dying my mermaid hair & how I maintained it. So how did I become red?  Well let’s just jump in.

I ended up spending 5.5hours in the hairdressers, most of this time was spent removing the blue & green colour.  My ends were the darkest, so we just cut a few inches off the end before starting!  I didn’t weep…well done me! It took three attempts to lift the blue/green and then we just ended up with a light blonde with blue/green patches.  Be warned, if you have blue/green hair, it’s a nightmare to lift.

Stripped hair

So to cancel out the blue/green we went copper.  Forgive the image quality, I’ve taken snaps from the video footage.  You can see the weird grey tinge to my hair at this point.  So this is when I started to worry that going blonde, I didn’t want to end up with oddly ugly greyish sort of blonde.  So after lots of chats with the hairdresser we decided to go copper.  Also I decided to go ahead and cut off the destroyed ends of my hair.  I know it was in better condition than it has been, but it was still in bad nick.

Covering Blue and Green

After a bit longer we ended up with thoroughly copper hair, very vibrant.  Which I very much loved.  After two washes you can see I’ve got more of a gingery blonde.  I think it’s a stunning colour but I’m less in love with it than the final colour than the initial copper.  I think I’m suffering with Mermaid dysmorphia, I only like hair with mermaid colours!  I will keep this hair for about 2 months, then it will be off to the hairdressers to get it stripped and get my mermaid hair back!  I’m already posting the odd picture on Instagram!


If you want to see more of the process you can check out the video below.  Have you gone from crazy colours to “normal” colours?  How did you cope?

4 thoughts on “Mermaid to Redhead!

    1. Almost all, the joys of having pretty neutral skin tone. Black and really dark colours don’t do me any favours. Mermaid hair will be back, I’ve it all planned out!!

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