April Goals

April Goals

Hello!  How are things?  Time for a bit of a catch up and make some new goals.  Unsurprisingly March was a bit hectic.  I did a lot of training in the run up to the European and World Championships, which sadly did result in a few missed posts and videos.  It was worth it because I danced well at both competitions.  You can catch up with all of that with the latest vlog, it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least.  Thankfully I only set myself a few goals for March and I did manage to accomplish some of them.

I wanted to do more product reviews and I’m pleased to say I definitely made a dent.  I have quite a few more products to review though, so I’ll continue on with these.  I’m aiming at at least one review a week.  Sounds sensible.  My budgeting goal didn’t go as well as planned, mostly due to the competitions.  I have improved on February though and again I will be continuing with this.    Those were all of my March Goals.  Now for April’s Goals!

Take part in Twitter chats again! Now that I have more free time again I’m going to make sure I start joining in with the various Twitter chats!  These are generally great fun and a good way to meet other bloggers and get to know them a bit better.  Also a great place to ask questions and discover new things.  Definitely recommend taking part in them if you can.

Get my schedule back in place.  I’ve had to squeeze my youtube and blog around everything else and it’s been a bit of a nightmare.  I cannot wait to get back to recording on the weekend, editing and scheduling everything in advance.  I hate coming home after work and feeling rushed to get a post finished, or using my lunchtimes to edit another video.  I like having it all planned in advanced, it sounds daft but it takes all the pressure off, so it makes it much more fun!

Ease back into training. I’m taking a week or so off training.  My knee is pretty inflamed at the minute and I’ve been flat out training for quite a bit, so I’m going to give my body a wee bit of time off.  Then I’m going to ease back in and keep on top of the extra physio to help make sure my knee stays strong.

Learn how to make a channel trailer.  This is something I’ve been meaning to investigate for a while.  I just need to bit the bullet and learn how to make a good channel trailer.

Investigate the updates needed for my blog template. This is something I’ve put off doing for far too long.  I need to take a deep breath and do it (once I’ve backed it all up).  It just requires time and now that I actually have some freer time I can get on with it!

So those are my goals for the month.  I’m trying to be good and set a realistic number of goals each month, I’ve been known to get carried away in the past.  What are you’re goals for the month?

2 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Sleeping I’d like to sleep and be little more organised I have my vlog/blog ideas on lovely piece of paper but that’s about it nothing is happening. And I want to start getting few ideas on how I want the spare room to look cos turnkn it into office space habe all tube land and blog stuff in one space will help my creative space

    1. Sleep is always good. I struggled getting out of the bed this morning, always want a bit more. You should do a monthly post for your goals, might help to get you to do them. It helps me massively. Oooo I’d love to see how the spare room turns out! I’d love an office/recording space so I could just leave it all set up. Such a faff!

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