Exciting Anti-Perspirant Release! Seriously

Soft & Gentle

Now it’s rare that I get super excited about anti-perspirant but when an email arrived through asking if I wanted to test out these from Soft & Gentle, I did actually get a bit excited!  I know!  These are the first anti-perspirant with 0% aluminium in the UK!  I use anti-perspirant throughout the week, I seem to sweat a fair bit and it’s something I’m conscious of, so anti-perspirant is the only way I feel comfortable in work!  I’ve talked before about natural deodorants and my preference for more natural options.  This is also part of the reason I’m excited about these!  OK enough with the exclamation marks of excitement.

Here’s a bit of blurb with some science:

“Scientifically developed with natural plant extracts, the unique formulation provides effective sweat and odour protection, whilst allowing your skin the freedom to breathe. Free from both allergens and parabens, the revolutionary range has been tested on even the most sensitive skin, providing a natural form of protection without comprising on performance. The new aluminium chlorohydrate free formula, exclusive to Soft & Gentle, uses pioneering technology to offer effective sweat protection. Containing natural plant extracts, the astringent properties of these key ingredients help to shrink the size of your sweat pores and reduce perspiration. Sage has been added to help soften the skin and act as a deodoriser to neutralise any potential body odour, while Horsetail Extract is proven to effectively help tighten the underarm pores. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians and packaged in a recyclable can, the three fragrances include Active, Floral and Care, all providing a fresh and lightweight scent so you can find your personal favourite from the range.”

How exciting is that!  They’ve gotten rid of a chunk of the bad stuff and replaced it with more natural products that don’t negatively impact your body.  That’s a bit of a win there I think!  So now that they’re all full of good things, are they still as effective?  I’m actually surprised to say yes!  This is coming from someone that sweats a lot, my body swings between icy cold and melting…no I’m not mid menopause, it’s just the way I’m built.  I don’t stink by the end of my day!  I tend to get my march on going to work, so overheating there.  I also tested it out rushing about on my lunch trying to get all the jobs done, again more overheating.  Add in wearing too many layers in this ever changing “Spring” weather, I overheat yet again!  So this has definitely been put through it’s paces and yet I’m still impressed!  Especially with spray anti-perspirant, I’ve not had much luck with them in the past.

All in all, I definitely recommend checking these out!  I was sent these for review, but I’m not sponsored at all.  I like these and I will be buying them myself when I run out.   These have just released so why not go investigate! They’re actually a bit of a bargain at just £2.99.  Let me know how you get on!  Oh and scent wise, I think I prefer the Active, although the Floral is also really nice.  I like to alternate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Exciting Anti-Perspirant Release! Seriously

  1. Oooh I have been looking for an aluminium free one for years! I hate the ones with it in but there hasnt been one on the market! Will be popping this in the basket this week!

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