Fortune Favours The Brave

Fortune Favours The Brave

I finally gave in to internet pressure (yes that’s a thing) and bought the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette.  I’ve seen a fair bit of hype around this palette, so thought it was worth investigating.  Now as with everything, these are personal opinions and experiences, some products work for some of us and not others.  This is a beautiful looking palette, there’s a great selection of colours and the packaging is sturdy, slime and well designed.   Now as for the eyeshadows themselves, well I was a bit underwhelmed.  The look so nice in the pan!

Sadly when I used them, I found them lacking.   They’re all a bit powdery, which is to be expected with more budget friendly palettes.  Most of the shimmery shadows are quite chunky in texture and it’s hard to get good pay off on your eyelids, particularly with a brush.  Some of them do feel a bit creamy, but once you use them a few times they become more crumbly.  Most of the matte shadows are ok to work with, although you do have to build them up to get a nice even coverage.  All the eyeshadows blend well thankfully.  I also found that the wear time with these eyeshadows was dismal.  I applied them at about 7.30am and by lunch my eyelids were a creased mess, with barely any of the eyeshadow left.  On one occasion I used the black shadow to line my top eyelid, this just ended up transferring to above my crease.  Not a good look.

The marbled shadows, although they feel slightly chalky upon swatching, they’re actually some of the better eyeshadows in the palette.  I’ve swatched all the shadows for you below.  I should point out that I had to go over each swatch a few times, the lighter shadows barely show up on my skin, so they’re a wee bit hard to photograph,  hopefully you can make them out.  I had to tweak the images slightly, just to get them to show.

Fortune Favours the Brave Swatches 1 Fortune Favours the Brave Swatches 2

I realise this review is short and sweet, I really didn’t get on with this palette and I wouldn’t recommend it.  I created 3 different looks with this palette, which I’ve included in the video below.  I also showed you the creasy mess it became in the video too.  I’m a bit disappointed overall, I was really hoping this palette would be brilliant.  Sadly Makeup Revolution is a bit hit and miss, in this case a miss.  I do have a friend that this palette works for, but she seems to be in the minority as quite a few people have told me they had issues too.  At least I can tell you and hopefully you have a fuller picture so you can decide if you want to test it out for yourself.

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