Ooh Arr Face Masks!

Ooharr Face Masks

I was very kindly sent these fun clay masks to test out.  I can’t say no to a new face mask to test out and how cute is the packaging!  Ooh arr use natural ingredients and essential oils to create their masks, winner.  The masks all come with 15ml in each sachet, which I generally get two uses from.  Each mask retails for £1.20, so a bit of a bargain!  I applied each of these after I exfoliated my skin with a light scrub, leaving my skin slightly damp and left each one on for 15-20mins as recommended.

The first mask I used was the Dead Sea Cooler Deep Cleansing face mask,

A delicious cocktail of Peppermint, Tea tree and Witch Hazel for a bright, clear complexion, combined with Dead Sea Salts to open pores, detoxify skin and draw out impurities. A touch of Bamboo powder exfoliates and refreshes, while Sweet Almond and Argan Oil moisturise and protect. The result: soft, supple, clean skin.

I did thoroughly enjoy this mask, it felt very cooling and very refreshing on my skin.  The clay has a bit of grit to it, so you can massage it in to give your skin a wonderful clean.  Once it it had dried, I washed it off with a warm face cloth.  This left my skin feeling thoroughly clean, not tight or dry.  It helped to bring up a few spots that were being stubborn and they cleared up quite quickly afterwards.

Next is the Rosie Glow Deep Cleansing face mask, which is this wonderful terracotta colour…pulled a face, it helped.

Intensely nourishing and balancing, a delicious mix of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals moisturise and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and regenerated.  Also featuring Marula Oil to help protect skin for environmental damage and Palmarosa essential oil, which works to repair damaged skin.  Dead sea salts and natural clay help detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pores.

Again this was a lovely mask.  It felt very hydrating and moisturising on my skin.  I don’t think it gave me the same deep cleanse as the Deep Sea Cooler, but my skin did feel clean.  The mask didn’t leave my skin dry, or cause any irritation.  I did prefer the Deep Sea Cooler mask though.

Clay Masks

The third mask is the Star Glow Skin Polisher mask, which smelt utterly divine.  I’m a big fan of vanilla and this mixed with the honey and various oils, just divine.

We’ve harnessed a host of natural ingredients to cleanse and revitalise skin – leaving it soft, smooth, supple and radiant. Sweet and succulent Vanilla and Honey work together with moisturising and conditioning Almond and Argan oil, with refreshing Aloe Vera to cool and calm. All blended with natural clay to detoxify skin and draw out impurities.

This again had a bit of grit to it, so I massaged it in a bit more, concentrating on any blackheads or problem areas.  This was my favourite mask.  Not only because it smelt wonderful, but also because it left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  It felt lighter on the skin, I promise I did use quite a bit on my face, it just dries down quite light. This really helped to brighten my skin and left it looking much healthier and more revived.  All of which were needed!

So if you’re in the market for some new clay masks, these are definitely worth investigating.  I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be picking up the Star Glow Skin Polisher in the future!

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