Overdoing it a bit?

Recently I’ve gone through a bit of a crap time of it with my endometriosis.  This is nothing new, although it is the first time I’ve had a flare up this bad in about a year.  In between the whole pain thing and being sick, I’ve had to just shut down and relax as much as I can, just to help my body recover.  With that I’ve been thinking lots and trying to figure out why I’d had such a bad flare up and it was actually something my husband said that opened my eyes…. “This whole sickness thing has been a blessing, you’ve had to slow down and do nothing, no blogging, no dancing, no videos.”.  Well duh.  I’d been getting a bit carried away with myself!  I reckon I’m not alone on this front!

It is so simple to get swept up in the momentum and continue taking on more and more.  Now I don’t count my blog and youtube as work, but they do require a lot of effort when you think of everything that’s involved.  You want to keep producing good content, so you try to keep learning and improving.  Whether that’s taking better photos, or figuring out a better way of editing those photos.  Of course once you’ve created that bit of content that you’re proud of, you want to share it!  So we schedule tweets, but of course, what makes an eye catching tweet?  Another area of learning.  We’ve all read the blog posts about increasing our engagement and how to improve our craft.  Let’s not forget all the other social media, facebook, instagram, snapchat, periscope….those need to be kept up to date on all the latest content too!

So once you’ve got your content and social sharing organised, you want to get involved with other folk!  That’s just as much fun! The twitter chats that happen throughout the week, reading other blogs and watching videos.  Of course keeping up with the other platforms too!

It is a bit mad when you think about all that’s involved. But sure we enjoy it and love what we do, so we do it all!  Or at least a fair chunk of it.  A large chunk of bloggers and youtubers also work full time and often have a life outside of work and the social media world.  It’s no real surprise that it can becoming a bit overwhelming sometimes.

So what to do about it before burning out?  First of all let’s take a collective breath.  Now, do we really need to be on all forms of social media?  I’ve decided to stick to twitter, facebook and Instagram.  I like to watch the odd snapchat or periscope but I no longer post to them.  I like them all but I’m better if I stick to a few.  I’m sure in future this will change as I do, but for now I’m happy just focusing on a few.  OK so that takes care of a bit.  Maybe try establishing some sort of routine.  I noticed when mine fell to the wayside I was a lot more stressed, I felt as if I was forever trying to catch up!  So my schedule is making a come back.  I like to try and get everything recorded and pictures taken on one day.  Then if I’ve time I’ll edit the videos and get them schedule and write up some of the posts.   I might spread this over Saturday and Sunday, only taking a few hours on both days.  I generally get some tweets scheduled around the same time.  So during the week, I continue doing some scheduling but I’m a bit more free to actually take part in chats and catch up people!  This routine works for me, I manage to spend less time online, but much more engaged when I am!

I’ve also stopped training for Worlds, that’s massively helped me regain control of my schedule.  I managed to keep up the hectic pace for quite a few months and accomplished so much, I’m really proud of myself.  Now though it’s time to ease off a bit and focus on what’s important.  That also includes spending time with my husband, friends, family and myself!  Getting to switch off regularly is important, it allows time for you to catch your breath and make sure you are doing what is right for you!  Plus I find I’m more creative when I’ve time to think!

So what do you do to prevent yourself getting overwhelmed?  Have you any hints & tips you can share?  Do you have a routine that works for you? I’d love to know, I’m always looking for different ways of doing things 🙂

2 thoughts on “Overdoing it a bit?

  1. sorry to hear about your endometriosis flare up, but hope you feel better soon, Aine! To avoid being overwhelmed, I try to do most of my blog stuff during the week (Tues-Fri) and then avoid it for the most part on the weekends so I can relax. The only things I may get on, occasionally, during the weekend are instagram, snapchat, and maybe twitter. Other than that, I try to stay off my phone lol. Also, detox baths with lots of magnesium and sleep! those help a lot.

    1. Very cool, I think I need to figure out a way of time-boxing my recording/editing time better. If I’m not careful I get distracted and end up spending far to look playing with things and reading other blogs, rather than just finish what I’m doing! Then I can relax and read stuff 🙂 I’m heaps better thank you x It has to have been the worst it has been in about a year now, I was not a well person1 Thankfully back on my feet and doing great 🙂

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