W7 Mini Power Puffs

W7 Mini Power Puffs

I’ve had these little sponges for quite a while, since the end of February in fact.  I think I’ve been using them everyday since.  I picked the W7 Mini Power Puffs while I was back in Ireland for about €2,65 (guessing as I’ve lost the receipt).  You get two sponges in each packet, so of course I got two packets, just so I’d have back ups.  They’re also latex free.  Sadly I’ve not found them in the UK, however I’m sure it won’t be long before they arrive.

Dry, these beauty sponges feel quite dense, but still squish-able.  Once damp, you can see from the picture above, it becomes bigger and has more bounce to it.  I use it to blend in my under eye concealer and the edges of any concealer covering blemishes.  The pointed end is the perfect size to get in around your tear duct and underneath your eye.  It’s does a wonderful job of blending it all in.  When I use my cream concealer on blemishes I can also use the pointed end to blend the edges of the concealer.   Once I’ve finished my foundation and concealer I also use this little sponge to set my face.  I only set down the centre of my face now, as my skin is quite normal.  I take the rounded end of the damp sponge and dab it into my setting powder – you can use either loose or compact setting powders.  Then I’ll set under my eyes, any blemishes and down the centre of my face.  This helps to stop my face looking cakey and blends everything in nicely.

All in all, I cannot recommend these little sponges enough.  I thought they were going to be gimmicky and they would lie there unused.  I’ve used the everyday since owning them!  If you’d like to see the in action you can check out the video below!


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