Bobbi Brown BBU & Shadow Stick First Impressions

Bobbi Brown

If you caught up with my latest weekly vlog, you’ll know I went to a rather fun Bobbi Brown MUA event last week and I treated myself to a few little bits…OK a few big bits.  First let’s talk goody bag.  We got a few little booklets with hints & tips for various looks, this was sweet, although I already own a few Bobbi Brown books, so I can give these to a friend, or my mam!  There was also a sample of the Extra Repair Serum and a little plastic cup.  All very cute.  So now onto the bigger items!  I gave in and bought the BBU Palette*, I should point out – we had a nice discount on that night, so it wasn’t as painful to purchase.  I’ve been eyeing this palette up for the longest time!  It’s so portable, with an excellent shade range.  No more lugging around all the foundation bottles and concealers.  I’m incredibly excited to own this.  I also bought a Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick* in Dusty Mauve, the first shadow stick from Bobbi Brown…after swatching them on the night, I had to get one to play with!  It would have been rude not to.  I also got a sample of the Hydrating Face Cream, I’m in need of a new moisturiser, fingers crossed this works.   So let’s have some first impressions.

I love the shadow stick, it applies very easily, no dragging on the lid, lovely and creamy.  It blends out incredibly quickly, which really surprised me.  It’s just a joy to use, minimal effort with beautiful results.  I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be picking up a few more of these in time.  Having worn it a few times since, I can confirm that it wears really nicely, small amount of creasing in my natural creases.  Dusty Mauve is a great everyday colour, it just helps to lift everything.

Bobbi Brown First Impression

Now for the BBU palette.  I was really impressed with how well the bisque and concealer combo knocked out the undertones of my skin and evened everything out.  You can see the difference in the before and after above.  I can get incredibly blue under my eyes, especially recently…lack of sleep.  The bisque and concealer worked very well to brighten under my eyes, I have a lot of freckles around my tear-duct which are often hard to cover.  Not an issue with these products.  There is a tiny hint of them left, but barely noticeable.  These didn’t feel heavy on the skin, I’ve since worn them a few times and they stay in place for my working day, with only a minimal amount of creasing.  Bobbi Brown recommends a 70/30 split, so 70% bisque, 30% concealer.  Which I aimed to follow,  although maybe a touch more bisque next time.

The cream foundation – which is actually the stick foundation – applies really nicely.  I prefer to use a buffing brush to apply it, rather than a flat foundation brush, I’ve yet to test it with a damp beauty sponge.   It can be a bit fiddly getting the brush onto the right foundation shade, I just pinched the sides of my brush and it worked grand.  I got about a medium coverage from this foundation, which I was happy with. It’s rare that I wear a full coverage foundation these days.  Again this evened out my skin and covered any redness and pigmentation quite easily.  I did use the concealer to help cover the few blemishes that I had, this is not necessarily recommended, but I’ve never had an issue using it.  I used all the porcelain shades, from bisque to foundation.

BBU Palette Shadow Stick

All in all I’m utterly delighted to own both of these products.  I think the BBU palette offers a great shade selection for all three products, it’s portable with a sturdy case.   Perfect the the makeup artist on the go.  The Long wear shadow stick is a great product, I can now understand all the hype.  You can check out the video below if you’d like to see me applying the various products – as well as my utter shock and amazement at how well the products work.

2 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown BBU & Shadow Stick First Impressions

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve recently found a new Bobbi Brown counter near to home so I’ll be adding these to my wish list. Popped over from FB Thirty Plus page x

    1. Do pay them a visit! If nothing else than to swatch all the shadow stick 🙂 Thank you for popping over. The group is great for finding you blogs, it’s a wonderful resource. I’ve met some lovely people through it, thank you so much for saying hi! Have a great evening x

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