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I’ve finally found a routine that has been working absolute wonders for my skin.   I’m sure you’ve seen a difference in my skin from the various tutorials  and for a while I was actually doing more of them…I’ve since tried out a product that didn’t really work for me so I need to let my skin recover a bit from that. Anyway back to the skin care routine. 

If I’ve been wearing make up or sunscreen I do like to give my skin a double cleanse.  Now I know some people wail at the thought of a second cleanse routine, but now come on, it’s an additional few minutes and the impact it has on your skin is noticeable.  All within a few weeks, very much worth the long term benefits to your skin.  I’ve been removing my makeup with the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil*, I take a few pumps onto my had and then massage it in.  This removes all my makeup, including anything waterproof.  I prefer this to any micellar water.  I’m also a fan of the pump!  That was my main bugbear with the Una Brennan version, no pump so the packaging was a mess.  Once I’ve thoroughly massaged the oil in and broken down my makeup, I’ll use a warm face cloth to remove it and then dry my face.  For my second cleanse I’ve been absolutely loving the Temple Spa In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt.  I have raved about this product repeatedly, more recently in a dedicated review post.  This has helped work wonders on my skin, reducing congestion, dryness, all the unevenness.  I’m a massive fan, you can read the review for more detail.

Once my skin is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time for a bit of acid.  I’ve been using the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix pads*.    I tend to use these every other night, I’ve learnt over the years that I don’t necessarily need to do an acid exfoilation every night, my skin prefers every other night.  These also only contain 2.8% glycolic acid, so they’re not very strong.  Just enough for me, for now anyway!  I like the fact that one side of the pad is more coarse than the other, so you can use the textured side for stubborn areas!  I would recommend keeping an eye on your local TK Maxx, I got mine as part of a set for about £8! Win.  I tend to leave my skin to settle for a few minutes and let the acid do it’s thing before I go in with The Body Shop Drops of Youth, Youth Essence Lotion* (bit of an odd sentence to type).  I use this as my toner – although I should mention, I’m moving slowly moving away from it, although I do thoroughly enjoy it.  I’m learning more about alcohol and it’s long term effects on the skin.  An alternative that I thoroughly enjoy is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer*, I will likely return to this once I’ve used up this product.

Now on to hydration! I’m still using my Eloquence Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel.  This is another much beloved product and I’ve talked about it a few times.  It is soothing and hydrating, perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes. The Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil* has utterly stolen my heart.  I mean seriously.  Between this and the deep cleansing melt, my skin has been joyous!  This has without doubt had a massive impact on my skin.  For once I was sensible and gradually added different products to my routine, this meant I was able to identify any issues as well as any improvements.  This oil made the biggest improvement.  I’ve a few oils in my collection that I’ve fallen in and out of love with,  I have used more of this oil than any of them and it has been in my collection the less amount of time.  The general feel of my skin improved, more elasticity and bounce.  It also feels more hydrated and less prone to drying out.  It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy.  It rocks my socks to be frank!  I will use this 5 nights out of 7 as my final step in my routine.  I will do a more in depth review soon, promise. On the nights that I fancy switching it up I reach for The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil.  This is a bit richer and feels a bit heavier on the skin.  It is a wonderful product and if you’ve drier skin, this may work even better for you.  I’ve done a comparison between this oil and the Vitamin E Serum Oil from The Body Shop, so if you fancy a closer look you can read that post.

Now if my skin has been through a rough day, either because I’m testing out lots of makeup, or the AC has been cranked up in the office, or my face has been exposed to all the elements, it may need extra attention.  That’s when I reach for The Body Shop Oils of Life Sleeping Cream*.  I use this maybe once a week.  It just helps to soften up my skin a bit more and add that bounce back in.

So that’s it for my current routine!  If you’ve any questions feel free to pop them down below!

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