Get a Wriggle On!

Lucky Beach

I was recently introduced to this rather epic little app & website.  It’s called Wriggle.  Basically you can browse by location – it’s currently up and running for Bristol, London and Brighton restaurants, pubs, and eateries!  So you can investigate all the food & drink offers in your area.  Once you’ve spotted something that tickles your fancy, you can select it and pay through Wriggle, you’ll get a code, which you show at the venue.  It’s so easy.  With this app I discovered Lucky Beach – in particular their Halloumi & Mushroom Veggie burger, you can droll over the picture I managed to take before devouring my food.  I treated a friend to lunch and we decided to add on some triple fried chips and drinks, I tried the apple & rhubarb juice, definite recommend that!  All in all, we basically paid half of the full price bill!  Win!   Also, the food was utterly divine, definitely recommend checking out Lucky Beach!  Why not treat yourself to a tasty lunch with a friend?

There are two views on the phone app – the map showing all the venues participating, or the timeline, listing all the offers and when they’re going to expire – I prefer the timeline view, you get to see all the food  on offer, it’s incredibly tempting!  Seriously, look at all that food listed below.  One of the other main things with this app, I’ve discovered new places to eat!  It’s easy to forget about areas of the city that you don’t visit very often.

Get A Wriggle On

On the app or website, you can view offers for Today, Tomorrow and the day after.  So you can make plans for future munching!  I may already be planning lunch with a friend on Friday…it’s good to be prepared right?!  Another handy feature is the Favourites.  I use this to highlight venues I want to try next, I scroll through the Discover section and favourite the next venue to try out!  In this case I’m thinking of heading to Cafe Rust.  You can of course use the Favourites section to favourite places you love.  I’m still testing places out, so I adapted the use.

I love that it tells you how long is left on each offer, as well as how many of those offers are left.  I have to say, as a software tester by day, I’m really impressed with the usability of this app!  Compared to other discount apps, I find this incredibly easy to navigate and you can see what offers are available at a glance.  The process for buying is really simple too, even on the first use when you have to enter your payment details – you’d expect some sort of hassle. Nope, not at all!   This is an app that your granny could use with little to no instruction.

I worked in collaboration with Wriggle to bring you this post, but as always, my opinions are my own and I’m honest, hand firmly on my heart, I’m thoroughly impressed with this app.  So much so that two of my friends have now downloaded it, I think a friend of one has also joined in the fun!  We all work in software and love food, trust us, this rocks.  I will be sharing this with everyone!

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