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I’ve had this rather nifty Micro nail buffing tool for quite some time, I even mentioned it back in my January Favourites, about time for a review.  In a bid to keep my nails healthy, I’ve been alternating between natural nails and painted nails, this little gadget has helped ease going without any kind of polish.  Quick facts, this retails for £39.99* from boots, comes with 4 rollers – 2 for smoothing, 2 for shining.  So you’ve got a spare set, which live in a little drawstring bag.  It takes 2 AA batteries,  I’ve not changed mine since I received this back in early December.  Not bad going.

 So let’s talk results.  You can see down below the state of my nails just after removing the nail polish.  They’re actually vaguely healthy at the minute but not particularly shiny.  They’re still recovering from my gel extensions.  Once I’ve cleaned my nails and tidied up my cuticles, I use the smooth roller first, it’s light grey and has a rougher texture.  This works absolute wonders for evening out any ridging and something I didn’t expect, it helps with my peeling nails.  It removes any edges and levels the nail out, so I’m less lightly to catch an edge and remove a top layer.  You should only use this on each nail for a max of 10 seconds, it basically takes a top layer off, so if you use it for too long it will really thin out your nails.  I learnt this the hard way.  Follow the instructions people.  I only use the smooth roller twice a month at most.

micronail Before

Once I’ve my nails nice and smooth, I go in with the shine roller.  Again you should only use this for about 10 seconds. This brings up a lovely shine on my nails.  Above was pre smooth & shine and below is post.  I can see a noticeable difference in my nails, it’s much more obvious in person.  The nails look much smoother in the photo below, less ridging and they feel a lot smoother to the touch.  You can see the light reflecting off the top of my nails below, not so much above.  Not only does it help with the peeling and general look of my nails, it also makes applying nail polish easier.  As you nail is nice and smooth, the nail polish goes on a bit smoother.

It’s also so quick to use, no more faffing about with a 4 sided buffer.  I’m done in minutes and I always achieve better results with this than any manual buffer I’ve tried.  I’m not sure if the results last a full 2 weeks, well not for me.  This may be because my nails are often dry, something I must address.  However, I really do enjoy using this and as long as you don’t over use it, you’ll be grand.  So if you’ve a birthday coming up, or you’ve saved up your boots points and don’t know what to spend it on, I’d recommend checking this out.  It’s not really a necessity, but what beauty product is?  It’s nice to splurge a bit on these things.

Micronail After

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