Kiko First Impressions

Kiko First Impressions

I thought it might be fun to do a first impressions on some of the Kiko cosmetics makeup that I picked up on my recent day trip to London.  Such a fun day, you can read all about it in the Crown Brush & Vanity X Beauty event & haul post, I may have picked up a few things… So let’s get back to my initial thoughts on the few products I tried out.  I decided to go with the 101 Coral Burgundy Color Fever eyeshadow palette and the beautiful lipstick in 315 Mauve from the Velvet Passion matte lipstick line.  The lipstick is a beautiful cool mid-toned pink, it applies really nicely, no dragging on my lips and there is great colour pay off, even on the first swipe.  This feels very comfortable on the lips, it doesn’t feel drying at all, in fact it feels more hydrating than I was expecting.  This lasted until after my lunch, I’d say a good 4 or 5hours, which is not bad at all!  Always impressive when you consider the multiple cups of coffee, water and lunch.  It wore off nicely, rather than leaving a rim or wearing off in odd patches, it just faded.  Below is the finished look.

Kiko Face

I used the light pink shade on the inner third of my eyelid and the darker red/cranberry shade on the outer two thirds.  I used the lightest shade as a highlight under my eyebrows and the darkest shade on the very end of my top and bottom lower lash line.  The darker red/cranberry shade was a bit patchy on initial application, but as you can see all the shadows have great pigmentation.  They all blended out well and over all I’m quite happy with them, although they are a bit powdery, so be careful of fall out.  I managed to take a quick picture at about 2.30pm, so about 7hours in.  The eyeshadow was still quite lasting well, although definite creasing along my natural crease and the colour has faded, but still hanging on. The lipstick had pretty much disappeared at this point.


Below is a close up of my eyes first thing in the morning and then again 12hours later.  As you can see the eyeshadow has definitely worn off along my crease, more so on my right eyelid and there’s only a bit of the eyeshadow left along my lash line.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would last the full 12hours, but I was hoping it would.

Eyeshadow Before After

I’m still happy with both of these products, the eyeshadow costs £13.90, which isn’t outrageous and I’m delighted with the pigmentation.  I think I need to play with it a bit more to figure it out.  The lipstick I love, I will definitely be checking out more of the line.  These cost £10.90 and there are 20 shades to choose from! My first impression?  Very pleased with both.  If you’re interested in how I put the look together you can check out the video below!

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