May Goals

May Goals

So I’m sure you know by now that April was a bit of a wash out for me, however I did manage to achieve some of the goals I had set for myself in my April Goals post, so let’s have a quick catch up on those before we move on to May’s goals!   There may be a few of them moving to my May Goals….

Take part in Twitter chats. I managed one of these in the last month, well one and a half.  Couldn’t focus on anything and my time was all out.  This one is coming into May.    Get my schedule in place.  I almost had this, then sick.   I did start back at it though towards the end of the month, this will be coming to May.  Ease back into training. This one I’ve done.  I’m back going to the gym on Tuesday mornings, which kills me slightly but I am always glad I go, even if my muscles do ache!  Early mornings are not my friend!  I’m also back dancing slowly but surely, my knee is playing rather silly at the minute though, so I’m adding in a leg/physio day – on top of my normal dance training.  Need to get on top of it.  Learn how to make a channel trailer. This I have done, I’ve planned out what I want to do, it’s just a matter of doing it now!  Blog template updates. Fail. Utter fail.  It got shoved down the priority list.  So I’ve decided to get my freelancing friend to do it!  I’d rather pay him to sort it, than waste the time I have on sorting it.  I’m time poor and lazy!  Which reminds me – if you need any help with tech stuff, so all the backend of the blogging word – I know a guy!  (Kinda always wanted to say that)

So this month, where does that leave me?  Well almost in the same position, just more.

I need to take part in more twitter chats.  I’m going to add them all to my google calendar and then at least I’ll get the reminders!  I need to do more training.  I need to organise my time better and stick to it – that’s my main issue, I am ridiculously easy to distract, so less of that and more of being organised.  I think by being better organised I’ll have the free time to take part in the twitter chats again.  The only new one is to actually make my channel trailer.

So this month, I’m keeping it simple and I’m going to get these things done!  It’s still ambitious I think.  What are you goals this month?  What did you achieve last month?  Even if you think it’s something small, you still achieved something.  That is always something to be proud of.  Go you!

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