New Hair! Red to Blonde

Pale Blonde Hair

So I’ve had the red-ish hair for a wee while now and although it was a lovely colour, it never felt like me.  When I looked in the mirror, I just didn’t recognise myself.  So I couldn’t wait any longer, time for a change!  I went to a hairdressers this time to get my hair bleached – after learning of the damage I’d done to my hair when I’d done it myself, let’s just say I’m impressed I didn’t end up with bald patches!  I’d not touched my roots in a long time, so I’d a fair amount of regrowth and the odd red, strawberry blonde for the bottom 3/4s of my hair.  So some consideration needed in sorting it out.  If you’re interested in how I went from Mermaid Hair to a redhead you can check out my post all about it.

The hairdresser bleached my roots with the highest concentration for the longest time.  So it went on and was left for about 10 minutes, then a slightly weaker concentration was applied to the mid-lengths of my hair to help lift any of the remaining red.  Finally the smallest concentration of bleach was added to the ends of my hair – they didn’t require nearly as much and were already very light.

Once the bleach was all washed out, the hairdresser added a toner to help remove any of the brassier shades of blonde.  Bringing it to this nice light, sometimes silvery looking blonde.  All in all it took about 1.5hours to get to this colour.  As it turns out, I really quite like the colour it became.  I think it suits me better than the red ever did, I’m definitely looking more like myself.

To manage my bleached hair, I decided to pick up some John Freida Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo* & Conditioner*.  I’ve already used them once, so far I like them!  I also grabbed a few of these Colour Freedom Non-Permanent Hair Colour* in Silver Blonde from Knight & Wilson.  I also got a Pasteliser* from the same line.  You can see on the box the pastel version of the silvery blonde – it’s in the bottom quad.  Now I know I could’ve use normal conditioner to thin out the dye, but this sounded like a wonderful hair treatment… well something different to try anyway.  The more I like my hair the colour it is at the minute, I know that will change in up coming weeks.  So my next colour is going to be this silver blonde.  I’m very excited for that and I will of course give you an update on all of that!

Hair Care Haul

If you want a closer look at my hair and see me play with my hair a lot, you can check out the video down below!  If you’ve any questions, as always feel free to drop me a comment.  Have you any plans to dye your hair?  Are you in need of a change?  I’ve a funny feeling I will be changing my hair soon.  This is glorious, but we all know I’m a mermaid at heart…

4 thoughts on “New Hair! Red to Blonde

    1. Thank you Holly! I’m delighted with it! I’ve no doubt I’ll get bored soon and change it, but it’s nice not to be red for now 😀

    1. Thank you Tianna! I’m much happier with this colour than the red. I’m delighted with it, feeling more like myself already 🙂

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