Anatomicals face masks


I got these rather fun looking face masks from Anatomicals as part of my goody bag from the Brighton Blogger Meet Up.  We all know by now I’m a massive skin care fan, so of course I had to give them a whirl.  The first mask we’ll talk about is the mattifying face mask.  This has a surprisingly running texture, I was expecting the normal slightly thick consistency of your average face mask.   I popped it all over my face, just too see if there was any impact.  I didn’t notice anything.  I’m only really oily down the centre of my face and across my forehead.  There was no difference, well nothing noticeable.  I may not be oily enough for this to make any difference to my skin.  It’s only about £1.50 to purchase, so I didn’t really expect miracles.  It’s cute, it did leave my skin feeling clean and soft but didn’t blow me out of the water.

The second mask I preferred, it’s the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.  As you can probably see in the photos, I had a few lumps and bumps coming through, so I thought this would be the mask for me!  To be honest, although I preferred it, it still wasn’t as great as I’d hoped.  Now it did a great job at pulling those few blemishes up, but I thought it would help dry them out and sort them out.  Instead they all came to a head, along with some new blemishes that I’d not even clocked eyes on.  Now I know that some clay masks will make spots worse before they’re better – the more I’ve used masks the fewer of these I find.  More often than not, they dry them up and shift them quicker.  This mask just brought them all up and they took a wee while to shift – I’ve actually had constant active spots since this mask.  Not ideal.  It did leave my skin clean and soft feeling after use, it’s just a shame about the breakouts. I really need to get back to my well loved and trusted  masks.

All in all, I’m not that overly fussed with these masks.  I’ve just used so many other face masks that do a better job of it and aren’t that much more expensive.  If you’re concern is blemishes, the Montagne Jeunesse clay sheet masks are a much better alternative for around the same price.

Anatomical face masks

2 thoughts on “Anatomicals face masks

  1. bust about these! you would think they would be more impressive. my favorite masks are always the same ones 😛 May Lindstrom Problem Solver Mask, Leahlani Mermaid Mask, and Mahalo Petal Mask 🙂

    1. I must check those out! Ah you can’t win them all at least I can let folks know 🙂 Still trying to get my skin to settle again – I’m almost there 🙂

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