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Better WellBeing Facial

I’ve been visiting Claire for Wellbeing Hydrotherm massages for quite a while and was more than a bit excited when she started offering Wellbeing Facials.  So of course I got booked in and I made the sacrifice and recorded my experience.  One of the massive benefits of doing this, Claire shared massive amounts of information all about managing my skin. So you get to hear all about that too!

My skin type is mostly normal, with a nice oily centre… So quite combination still.  After a bit of a quick analysis, it also turns out my skin was very dehydrated – I’m a bad child and I’ve not been drinking enough water at all.  My chin area was very congested, I’m still shifting the last of the spots.  So Claire focused on addressing balancing out my skin and getting some hydration back into my skin.  I promise I’m now drinking more water.

Claire started my removing any residue of makeup and soothed my eyes.  This was followed up by a tropic cream based cleanser as my first cleanse, which was gently massaged in and was removed with a cloth.  This massively helped relax my face.  It’s amazing how much tension we carry in our faces.  Then came the second cleanse with a cleansing wax – you can see in the top life picture, I was entirely blissed out at this point.  This wax is magical, it contained lemon kernel and apricot, palma rosa, grapefruit and lemon.   This was aimed at my pigmentation – it turns out my freckles hadn’t ganged up on me, it was just a mass of pigmentation. I’ve noticed a massive reduction in the pigmentation on my forehead immediately after the facial.   Once the wax was removed with a cloth again, Claire took a konjac sponge to help buff my skin further and soften my skin and make it more receptive to the next steps.


So my skin was now feeling incredibly soft and I generally felt more relaxed.   I was then spritzed with a tonic, this helps with the hard water, which was patted in.  Claire then did the exciting bit and create my very own oil blend to suit my skin, the magic happening in the top right picture.  This was massaged into my skin.  Palma rosa and mandarin were added to an Olive and Jojoba oil base.   This smelt divine and felt wonderful, I could feel the elasticity returning to my skin as it was massaged in.   Any oil left over was added to a shea butter which I got to take home and I now use as my morning & evening moisturiser.

Next up, mixing a mask to suit my skin.  The bottom two pictures showing off this step.  This was a blend of green clay powder and a small measure of french lavender flora water.  A non-setting mask was used on my neck to treat the delicate, sensitive skin.  While the masks were left to do their work, Claire gave me a wonderful hand and arm massage.  I was very blissed out at this point.

Once the masks were removed, I was spritzed again to help remove any hard water residue.  I was then introduced to a liquorice serum, which is great for breakouts and reactive skin.  I learnt all about patting and pressing products in, great for distribution of product and ensuring coverage.

A eye cream containing hyaluronic acid, which was pressed in around my orbital bone.  I didn’t realise that you shouldn’t bring eye cream too close to your eyes as it can block your tear duct and cause puffiness.  One of the many things I learnt. Finally Claire applied a lip cream to help sooth my lips.

I would definitely recommend watching the video below for all the extra tips that Claire passed on throughout the treatment, as well as seeing how she used the various products.






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