June Favourites

Favourite Beauty and Lifestyle Products

Another month, another favourites.  This month I have both Beauty and Lifestyle favourites, pretty damn exciting!

Beauty Favourites

I’m going to start with my hair, I’ve surprised myself by how much I am enjoying my pale, silvery blonde hair.  I thought I’d be full mermaid by now.  Nope, not right now.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the blonde, although I would prefer it if I could get it more silver.  That is the next mission.  Silver hair .  If only it would hold the colour a bit better…Because of my hair change, I’ve been changing up my makeup again.  Surprise, surprise!    I’ve generally been wearing various taupes on my lids, or just going with a winged liner look.  I’ve raved about my love of various taupes in previous favourites, so this month I’m talking about the eyeshadows I’ve reached for as an alternative.

The eyeshadow palette is essence All about Roses and you can probably guess which shadow I’ve used the most.  The rosey, taupe metallic shadow.  In my favourites video, I’ve the metallic shadow all over my lid, the matte rosey, mauvey shadow in the crease and the matte brown on the outer V.  I used the light pink on my inner tear as a highlight.  These shadows have great pigment and are a joy to use.  Often I’ll just wear the rosey, taupe metallic shadow all over the lid and just blend it out.   What can I say, I’ve been enjoying the minimal look with my hair, it just works.

In keeping with the theme, I’ve a few minimal, pale nude lip colours.  I’ve been enjoying pairing the Flormar waterproof lipliner in 229 with Mac Feed the Senses lipstick on over the top.  I’ve quite pigmented lips, so this helps to mute them, but still retain a bit of colour.  I’ve been wearing Feed the Senses on it’s own a lot too.  It’s just a great grey on my lips.  More of a creamy nude if the L’Oreal Mega Gloss in 103 Protest Queen.  This is great, again over the Flormar lipliner, or any other shade you’re trying to mute down.  If I wear this by itself, I make sure to blot it out with my finger.  The last nude is another mac lipstick in Hot Gossip.  It’s much more of a similar shadow to my lips, it just evens things out a bit and makes it all look good.  I’m a fan of the cremesheens, they wear really nicely.

Product Swatches for Favourites

Lifestyle Favourites

I’ve a few this month!  I’ve finally got around to playing more on my penny board!  This is very exciting, mostly because I’m falling off a lot less, bit of a win.  It’s nice to get outside when I can and have a play. Immense sense of accomplishment whenever I go an evening without a new bruise, although I’m always proud of myself for getting back up and trying again whenever I do fall off.  It’s just so much fun.

My audiobook of the month has to be The Magic of Thinking Big.  This is a book that I mentioned in my If I Can, You Can post.  If you need a book to help get you up off your rear and actually doing things, this is the book for you.  It will help shift any and all excuses you may have.  Although you do have to be in the mind to change, otherwise you may have an excuse why it won’t work for you.  Great motivational book, I’m already listening to it for the second time.

Lastly I want to share my two favourite posts from the month.  The first being I Quit.  I was so excited to share this exciting moment with you all and it was so freeing to actually discuss my exciting plans with you!  I had wonderful feedback, including positive reinforcement, high fives and of course questions from people on how I actually got to this point and how they could do the same.  I was so excited and share it all with you. The second is the Summer Edge Lookbook that I created.  It’s short but perfectly (almost) formed.  I wanted to do something different to the normal style posts and I think I accomplished that.  Plus it was so much fun recording and editing it.  I also edited the photos for the style posts a bit differently too.  This was also something I was nervous about, however it turned out very satisfying for the soul.  I got to try something new and it wasn’t awful!  Bit of a win.


4 thoughts on “June Favourites

    1. I’ve not tried that one, someone has also recommended the Vintage palette from essence. I think I’ll be putting in an order! Thank you for the heads up 🙂

    1. I don’t even own syrup, I think I might have to one day, I just wasn’t that wowed by it was I tested it in the shop. I’ve no doubt that will change as my hair changes 🙂

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