May Favourites

May Favourites 2016

Shiny new favourites!  Pretty damn exciting!  OK so that might be just me, but now come on, look at them.  Shall we just dive right in?  Let’s talk about the Bobbi Brown BBU palette.  Now I know this isn’t a sensible option for everyone, however you can buy the bisque, concealer and stick foundation individually.  I would definitely recommend investigating.  I love the coverage I get with the bisque, concealer combo.  It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, it doesn’t end up cakey under my eyes.  The concealer isn’t great for dry spots – you know the kind – they’re on their way out and you may have used a touch too much tea tree.  It can make these more obvious.  I have used with a tiny brush and it’s great for pinpoint concealing.  I’ve done a first impressions post of this and the next Bobbi Brown product, so you can check it out if you want to see it on your skin.

The second Bobbi Brown product is the Long-wear cream shadow stick* in Dusty Mauve.  I’m so impressed with how easily this blends out and it really does last all day.  I love Dusty Mauve as it is a lovely soft pinky, mauve shade.  Once blended out you’re left with a browny shade in the crease, so you’re getting a two for one really.  Perfect for everyday wear.  I’m also massively loving the 3ina Pencil Eye Shadow in 107.  It’s a wee bit more difficult to blend out, although there’s not much in it.  It’s a wonderful taupe shade and again you get that second colour coming through in the crease once blended out.  It also last really well throughout the day and it’s only £6.95 compared to £21 for the Bobbi Brown version.  While we’re on eye products I had to include this mascara from Almay.  It’s the One Coat Thickening mascara, now the packaging has since changed but I may have found the same version here *- hopefully the formula hasn’t changed too much.  I was sent this ages ago from Rebecca  – Rebecca Lately and it may have been forgotten about and then lost.  Well I’m delighted I found it again, it’s a wonderful mascara!  We all know I’m a fan of fluttery lashes, nothing too over the top but definitely defined.  Well this mascara hits the nail on the head, with the added bonus that it doesn’t smudge under my eyes until much later in the day.   Winner!  It’s also buildable, comfortable to wear and has a bristle brush rather than a plastic one.  Thoroughly enjoying it.

May Favourites Swatches

I have new lipstick loves this month.  The Kiko Velvet Passion Matte lipstick in 315 Mauve.  This is a dream to apply, lovely and creamy on the lips, not drying and comfortable to wear.  It’s also fine to reapply, no balling up, no sinking into the cracks on your lips.  It’s not a fully matte lipstick, although it’s pretty close and is just stunning on the lips.  I’m incredibly tempted to go back and buy every colour.  Cannot recommend checking them out enough.  I did a bit of a first impressions post if you want to see it on the lips.  I’ve fallen back in love with the Sleek True Colour lipstick in Exxxagerate, how could I not.  It’s a beautiful liliac with a bit of a pink tone to it.  Definitely a striking colour to wear, I tend to pair it with a simple winged liner.  It can be a bit drying, so be warned if you’ve dry lips – this is not the one for you.  I just make sure I keep lip balm on hand to top it  up.

My final favourites are the Silk nail polishes* from Barry M.  I picked these up last year, but I’ve been gravitating towards them again now the sun is out.  They’re perfect for that clean, fresh look.  I’m wearing White Pearl in the picture above, I just had some nail stickers over the top.  I liked the contrast.

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  1. I absolutely love the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. I wore it for my wedding & it was a dream. I think I need to pick up the concealer & corrector once I’ve used a few of my current products up. I’ve been admiring the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick for the longest time too, I definitely need to invest in one! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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