Chap Olympia..and Pokemon Go

Chap Olympiad Vlog

I’ve a bit of a daily vlog for you here!  To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary Simon bought us tickets to the Chap Olympiad up in London!  So we went up for the day & stayed overnight.  It was so much fun, there were lots of different “sporting” events, we decided Not Playing Tennis was our favourite overall, although there were so many wonderful activities to choose from.  All the fun!  There was even an actual wedding half way through the day, congratulations to the fabulously dressed couple.

That evening I gave in and downloaded Pokemon Go, I can now understand the addiction and the utter fun!  So we went hunting that night, much more fun that sitting in the pub to be honest!  This is my first attempt at a daily style vlog, I hope you enjoy it!  I might do more dailies in future.  Definitely recommend going to the Chap Olympaid!! We had such a blast.  You can pop over and subscribe to my vlog channel here.


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