July Favourites


It’s time for a monthly favourites!  I’ve no idea why I’m always a tad surprised when these roll around, time is just flying by…someone needs to sort that out.  So I’ve a few beauty favourites and some podcast & youtubers I’ve been loving, lots to get through, shall we begin?  Let’s start with the multitude of nail products you see.

Beauty Favourites

I’ve been trying out a new way of giving myself a manicure.  I start with the essie nail oil, once it’s all massaged in and I’ve left it to soak in – maybe do my cuticles with an orange stick, I’ll buff my nails.  Next onto my Ever Glaze prep coat.  This remove any residue or anything else left on there.  I’ve been trying to strengthen my nails, so I go in with a thin coat of the OPI Original Nail Envy, followed by a coat of Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.  These help give my nails a nice even surface to apply any nail colour I fancy.  After I’ve done the colour I use Ever Glaze Active Top Coat.  This gives my nails a wonderfully shiny finish.

I picked  up this routine from Maria Sparkle’s channel – you can check out the video here.  I’ve noticed a massive improvement in the wear time with manicures.  I’m forever picking at things or generally not being too careful with my nails.  So this has been great!  I’m aware it’s a wee bit long winded, but it forces me to sit down and chill out once a week.

I’ve one skin care favourite, the Exuviance Purifying Clay Mask.  This has really helped to draw all the dirt from my clogged pores.  Yep, I’ve been trying out new skin care again, which resulted in very clogged pores.  This mask worked wonders.  It drew everything out and it all cleared up relatively quickly too.  Massive win!  I was delighted to find this buried in my sample stash and I will undoubtedly investigate a full size once this is gone.

I’ve very much fallen in love with the Laura Mercier higlighter.  I knew it was stunning, however when I did my friend’s makeup a few times recently, I was just blown away with the stunning glow off this highlighter, I mean seriously.  It rocks.  So I’ve been grabbing it instead of the Catrice one – although it is still a love.  I did a bit of a comparison of the two not that long ago, so you can check out that post for more info.

For mascara I have discovered the NYX Doll Eye, again I did a review post all about this mascara quite recently.  If you read that, you’ll know why I’m in love.  Little to no smudging underneath, beautiful lash coverage, good volume.  Sadly it’s not the best for layering, but I don’t do that, so I don’t mind.  It’s just amazing and it’s a drier formula for all those girls out there like myself – not a fan of very wet mascaras.

July Favourites Swatches
We’re on to lips!  Go team!  Two are rediscoveries from the Bourjois Aqua Laque line, Babe idole and Appechissant.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of these when they first came out last year.  It was mostly the smell that put me off to be honest.  However, in a rush one morning I reached for one and just smudged it out on my lips.  I was thoroughly impressed with the results.  To the extent that I wore it repeatedly and also wore the second one I had.

The third lip favourite this month is a new addition.  The Collection Deluxe Lip Lacquer in Raspberry Kisses.  This definitely feels more like a gloss than a lip colour.  There is definitely a lot of colour pay off, however it’s also really quite sticky.  If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know I’m not a fan of sticky glosses.  So why is this a favourite?  It’s another one I’ve been enjoying smudging it out, so it becomes more of a stain than a full on colour.  It also makes it less sticky, although, it’s still slightly sticky.  That’s the one draw back.  Be warned if you’ve long hair and it’s a windy day, it will end up stuck to your lips.

Life Favourites

Now on to the other stuff!   I’ve been thoroughly enjoying watching The Shuiligans.  They’re an Irish family vlogging channel, run by Sonja.  They’re just a normal family that have mini adventures and just make me chuckle on a regular basis.  You need to go check them out! 
The Shuiligans


The favourite video I’ve created this month?  My Stereotypes video.  It took so much work gather it all and I was really pleased with the final result.  It was totally worth it!!  Although there are a few things I would change, I’m please I put it out there as I was incredibly nervous. I’m delighted with the positive feedback and I’m planning some more of these videos.


My final favourite of the month?  The Being Boss podcasts.  These are so informative and inspiring to listen too.  They keep me going when I’m stumbling and still trying to figuring things out.  Thoroughly enjoying them and I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

Being Boss Podcast

If you want you can check out the video below, all the chats and I get to explain it all a bit more – you’d end up with an essay if I tried to squeeze it all into this post!  If you fancy, you can subscribe to my channel too!

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