Slaying it

Second July Vlog

Yep complete cheese there, but the dragon made me do it… I took time off this week to get started on my business!  It’s been epic and busy!  I’ve had a few exciting meetings and conversations and all the good stuff.  I’ve also had the time to record more vlog goodness for you.  I’m thinking about vlogging twice a week, I may increase this in future…let’s start with twice a week.   Come along and see what I’ve been up to while setting up as an entrepreneur!  I also got to celebrate our second wedding anniversary with my rather epic husband, we celebrated in our usual odd style!  New skateboards I hear you say… well maybe…. If you want to keep up with all the latest vlogs you can subscribe to my vlog channel!  Pretty please with sugar on top?  Did you know I’ve two channels? Pretty exciting!

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