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I went to the Olive It event last week (love the pun there) and was able to actually bring Simon along!  So nice having the husband along for once.  Neither of us are olive fans to be honest, in fact I’ve been known to spit them out in the past.  So when Charlotte dropped me a line saying this was on, I hesitated.  Then I read a bit more about Omar and came to the conclusion, that if he couldn’t change my mind on olives, no one could.  Omar Allibhoy is a Spanish chef and co-author of the Olive It book, he runs four tapas restaurants, he’s also a thoroughly nice guy and answered all our questions throughout the evening.

We got our special Olive it aprons on and Omar gave us a quick demo, preparing an olive, cherry and goats cheese dessert.  Yes, it sounds a bit “interesting”, it was however, utterly decadent and rather wonderful.  Quick fact, did you know that all olives come from one type of tree.  This blew my mind a wee bit. So the green, purple and black olives all come from the one tree, they’re all just picked at different stage of growth.  So they’re green to start, then become more purple and then eventually become black.

Olive It ApronsOlive IngredientsChatting Omar Allibhoy

After a few drinks and chats to get the evening started, we broke up into groups of 4 and got involved.  We prepared a rather tasty olive, anchovy and a romescu dressing, I was surprised at how simple it all was to make.  Although I think the dressing is thick enough to be a sauce, I might have to try it with some pasta!  I may have got a bit excited on the application of the dressing…  We also created two marinades for some green and black olives, really interesting, tasty flavours. I am glad to say that I am now a fan of olives! Well the black olives anyway, still haven’t got my tastebuds around the green olives, maybe one day.

Olive and anchovy saladOlive It DiningOlive It Brighton

We came away with a rather wonderful goody bag, I now own a full sized apron! Plus the wonderful book and a few tins of olives – thankfully mine had some black ones in.  A tiny detail, but it’s nice to have a plain back tote bag.  You can check out this week’s vlog if you want to see more of the action.  Thankfully there was a photographer there on the night (I may have got distracted recording it all) and I’ve used a mix of his photos and mine.  I cannot wait to test out some of the recipes, I’m donating the second book to my brother & his wife as they’re olive fans already.

So are you a fan of olives?  Maybe you just need to test out a few recipes to find out?  If you fancy more info, there is an Olive It website, go on I dare you, try something new. You never know, it could just change your mind!

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