Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil

I’ve had this little gem for months now, so apologies for not sharing this with you until now.  It’s the Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Booster oil and I have to say, I utterly adore it.  I was sent it by PR to test out and I’m so pleased I got my hands on it!  This retails for £31.50 and you get 20ml.  I used this solidly for quite a few months, before testing out new skin care more recently and I’ve managed to use up just over half of it.  So it does last well.  Right on to the good stuff.

I use this mainly at night, after I’ve cleansed and done my various toning.  I generally take 3 long drops – I tend to run the pipette along the tops of my fingers, so I’m not sure exactly.  Then I swipe my fingers together before patting the oil onto my face.  Once I’ve placed the oil I do then massage it into my skin.  You can check out the video below for a demo of how I use the oil, just in case none of that made sense.  I will either use it as my moisturiser or layer it underneath a moisturiser.  It all depends on how my skin is feeling.

This spreads really nicely and absorbs well, my skin tends to drink it right up.  When I use this consistently, my skin looks a lot healthier, feels softer and a bit more plump.  It doesn’t clog up my pores, or leave my skin feeling greasy at all.  It doesn’t cause any sort of irritation, in fact I reach for this again when my skin is reacting badly to other skin care products.  It’s wonderful for calming everything back down again.  There is a beautiful herbal scent from the oil, but for those of you that don’t enjoy those types of scents, no problem, it does not linger on the skin.

All in all I have nothing bad to say about this, apart from the fact that I’m aware it is slowly running out!  I’m delighted to have found a product from Trilogy that works for me, I’ve had bad luck in the past, so I was dubious in the beginning.  The blurb about the product:

“Newly certified organic oil blend formulated with our latest innovation Glycablend™ for supple, healthy, radiant skin at any age. Intensively nourishing, CoQ10 Booster Oil recharges and revitalises skin at a cellular level, boosting collagen and elastin production and protecting against free radical damage.

Tamanu, macadamia and black caraway seed oils plus antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 help feed and renew skin. Glycablend™, a potent blend of chia, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oils, keeps skin supple and youthful.

 A seriously addictive addition to any skincare regime, this potent formulation assists super-fast skin recovery, giving dull and lacklustre skin a renewed radiance.”

I think it does what it says on the tin.  My skin looked and felt wonderful when I was using it consistently.  It definitely helped to repair my skin and add a bit more bounce back in.  I will without doubt purchase my own bottle once this runs out, it rocks.

Trilogy Age Proof Oil

Have you used this oil?  Or are there any other oils you would recommend?  I’m always open to trying out new skin care…even if my skin doesn’t necessarily appreciate it! 

6 thoughts on “Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil

  1. I love Trilogy Organics so much! as creepy as this sounds, your voice is amazing haha. so many female Youtubers have the most annoying. whiny voices so thanks for not being one of them 😛 you look lovely – love that bright eyeliner!

    1. I have a few times in the past, often it a product causing the blocked pores. I’d recommend checking if your oil or any other facial products has anything that might be clogging / comedogenic. Thankfully I’ve not had any in a while – I did have mine extracted, so I’d recommend that. Or if you know how to remove them yourself, you can do that. They’re a pain in the rear and don’t look the greatest!

      1. I’ve always had milia. I had them extracted before, and then the derma just gave me my own needle to lance them. I haven’t had them for a while, but I noticed that they started coming back when I used oils in my routine. Too bad because I love how soft and bright my skin feels because of the oils. I guess I’d just have to have them extracted frequently then. Thanks for replying! 🙂

        1. No worries. I don’t get them with this oil – check the ingredients lists & see if you can find common ingredients in the products that seem to cause the milia. Maybe there’s something causing it.

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