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Everyone and their neighbour has cleaned their makeup brushes at some point, if you haven’t, please do.  For the sake of your skin if nothing else.  I tend to spot clean my foundation brushes a few times a week and my beauty sponge every time I use it.  They get the nastiest.  All my other brushes, once a week…although I’ve been known to stretch it to two weeks, that often means I’ve a huge amount of brushes to clean, fail.  So after years of cleaning my brushes and testing a few brush cleansers out, I thought I’d share my favourites and fails.

Baby Shampoo

I always go back to baby shampoo for my weekly cleanse.  It’s great for that deep clean, leaving your brushes immaculate as well as soft and fluffy.  I’m currently using Johnson’s baby shampoo, simply because it was the only one in stock when I popped to the shop.  I normally buy boots own brand baby shampoo.  You don’t need to spend a fortune.  The only issues I’ve encountered with using baby shampoo, is that it’s not great at removing some foundations.  So I will dampen the brush, use some dedicated brush cleanser, taking off the bulk of the foundation.  Then I’ll go in with the baby shampoo to get rid of the rest.  It’s like a brush double cleanse.  It’s worth doing it in this fashion as it help stop staining and will keep the brush in better condition.

Mac Brush Cleanser

This was one of the first brush cleansers I bought, back in the day!  This costs £14 and you get 233ml, which isn’t too bad as you only need a small amount.  I pour some of this onto a cloth (generally an old face cloth), you could also use kitchen towels or heavy tissue.  Although I tend to avoid tissue because it can break down when damp.  Once I’ve a bit of this on the cloth, I swirl my brush in it and ta da, like magic, it’s clean.  They also dry pretty quickly too, which is very handy when you need a clean brush in a hurry.  Minimal effort required with this cleanser, definitely worth checking out.  If I’m doing a deep clean, I will follow up with the baby shampoo.

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser

This is another favourite brush cleanser, I’ve repurchased the mac cleanser and this cleanser. The B. Makeup Brush Cleanser costs £4.99 for 125ml, so not too bad.  I should point out, the twice I’ve bought it, it has been on offer of some sort.  So I’ve gotten it for cheaper every time.  Win!  I use this in the same way as the Mac Brush Cleanser, although I tend to use this one for my beauty sponges more so.  It has a spray which makes it much easier to apply the cleanser and get the sponges thoroughly covered.  I should also point out that it has a great spray, which is a good thing, no spitting here.  As with the mac cleanser you don’t need much to do the job.  More often than not, I dampen my beauty sponges, give them a spray and let it sit for a minute.  Then all I have to do is give them a good squeeze and rub, rinse them through and I’m all done.

PS Love This Makeup Brush Cleanser

This is my least favourite.  I costs only £2 or €2,50 from Primark / Pennys.  It does get my brushes clean, it just seems to require more effort and more product.  So although it’s the cheapest out of the bunch, it requires more, so you have to buy more.  False economy right there. I use this the same way I use the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser and the Mac Brush Cleanser.  It does do the job, but it will often take longer.  Not ideal when you’ve far too many brushes to clean in the first place.

All in all, I’d recommend the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser.  It’s definitely a favourite and often the best value for money.  I will test out a few more cleansers once I finish up this batch, although I have only just repurchased the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser!  So it might be a while.  Are there any brush cleansers you would recommend?

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    1. I may be a bit guilty of leaving my brushes for a bit longer…it’s grand, the brushes get a double cleanse 😉

  1. I’d been wanting to try the B. brush cleanser for a while but hadn’t heard much about it – definitely going to be picking this up now! xx

    LIv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

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