Blogosphere Summer Party Fun!

Lumiere London Studio

Just last weekend I had the joy of attending the Blogosphere Magazine Summer Party!  Now if you’re unsure of what the Blogosphere Magazine is, well it’s a magazine for us bloggers and youtubers alike.  It covers everything from photography to the diverse range of bloggers and information on how to deal with all the struggles.  The latest edition has an article on plus size fitness bloggers, then on to social media tips and blogging accessories on a budget and rounding off with journalists vs bloggers – there were lots in between but ya know, listing all that here might take a while.  Of course we’re introduced to a whole host of bloggers to investigate for practically every genre and an interview with Ella Grace Denton.  So it’s jammed with all sorts of interesting topics.  So when the invite landed in my inbox, I had to get involved!

Lumiere London Gallery

The party was held at the Lumiére London in the stunning gallery…I want to move in now, can someone please arrange that? K thanks!  I was there a tad early, so I managed to get a few snaps of the space.  Isn’t it stunning?  Dotted about were chocolates from Godiva, they were divine..tried to resist eating them all.  As well as a few of the latest editions of the Blogosphere magazine.

There was also a very delicious Peach and Rhubarb iced tea from The London Tea Company, so tasty in fact that I must have had about 5 glasses of it throughout the afternoon! Along side the tea, of course there was cake!  There was a huge spread of all sorts of wonderful cakes from Pearl and Groove and they were so well laid out that it actually look much longer than expected before someone had one!  Of course I had one, I went with a Rose & Vanilla, it was fabulous, as it turns out all of the cakes were gluten free!  Win!  Sadly I didn’t realise that until I’d left, otherwise I would’ve taken a few home with me.  I was trying to be good and eat within my gluten quota for the day.  I will be investigate those cakes in future.  So tasty.

I was also delighted to see the Jewellery Box there.  Their stand was on point as always.  Such cute pieces, I wanted to buy everything.  Thankfully for me – well my bank balance – we couldn’t buy anything on the day.  My wishlist continues to grow, it’s my birthday this weekend you know…if you fancy picking up anything nice…I wouldn’t mind…honestly.

Blogosphere Summer Party

Aside from the all that, it was wonderful to meet new blogger friends!  I met a few that I’d spoken to online – some we didn’t realise until after the fact.  That led to an amusing twitter conversation!  I’ve found so many wonderful new blogs to read, Instagrams to follow and twitter friends to chat with.  It was wonderful to just have all the chats!  Probably why I didn’t take as many photos as I should…what can I say, I was too busy having the craic!  There were some interesting conversations – they’ve actually inspired a few future videos & posts, expect more on that soon.  I’ve already signed up for the Christmas event in November, hopefully I’ll meet some of you there!

We were given a wonderful bag of gifts when we were leaving, including the latest magazine.  There was also a tea tin from The London Tea company, I may have grabbed a few different samples too, seriously, their tea was very good – which rocks as I won their Instagram competition!  You can spot the winning photo on my Insta feed, so I’ve more teas on the way.  We also got a wonderful set from the Jewellery Box, I got a beautiful bracelet and anchor studs.  Very cute and dainty, you can click on the links for a close up, I must do a post soon on my recent jewellery box additions, just to give you a closer look.  This was all popped in a handy tote.

I had a wonderful afternoon, I would definitely recommend popping along to one of their events if you get the chance.  Definitely worth it.  I was smiling most of the way home on the train.  There will be more of the snippets in the upcoming weekly vlog, so you can pop back for a closer look!

Blogosphere Gift Bag

6 thoughts on “Blogosphere Summer Party Fun!

  1. Well that looks like all kinds of fun! I’ve only been to one blogger event, a year or two ago, it was really great to put faces to twitter handles!
    I saw the invite for the Christmas shindig and was super tempted. Now, about that tea….
    M x

    1. Do it, it would be lovely to meet you in person! I’ve been stalking you and your dogs on instagram and your blog for a while 🙂 I may possibly share my tea, maybe…probably not…I’m having a rather tasty tropical green tea this morning. Feeling all sorts of healthy!

    1. I was so excited when I learnt I won! This is the second time this year! So ya know, winner winner…until the next event that you come with me lol. It was a lovely afternoon. All the noms and the space was so beautiful.

    1. Oh my god, laughing too much at that! Brilliant! I vote you look at all pictures without your glasses & then put them on to see what it actually is – I want regular updates. Excellent

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