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Eyebrow Pencil Comparison

Before we start, I will point out now, you will not find Instagram perfect brows here. They’re not really my style.  I also have a love hate relationship with my brows, sometimes they’re perfect, other times, not a mission.  I generally use pencils more than anything else when it comes to my brows, they’re just easier.  Due to this love of pencils, I have determined some criteria that must be met by the brow pencils.  I’m not a fan of the super soft pencils, they just smudge all over my face and move when sweaty…nevermind trying to get tiny hair like strokes.  Nope, not a mission.  So a slightly harder pencil is a must.  They must be fine and just easy to use with minimal effort.  Sound like your sort of pencil?  OK let’s discuss the latest rounds of pencils I’ve been testing.

 Eyebrow Pencil Swatches

NYX Micro Brow

The pencil I have repurchased because I love it so very much is the NYX Micro Brow* in taupe, it’s £7 for 0.09g.  There’s a pretty decent shade selection and they actually do a really good taupe – great for those of us with cooler tones.  This has a wonderfully tiny nib, as the name might suggest.  Ideal for creating those tiny hair like strokes, or you can lean it on it’s side and create thicker strokes.  It has a good amount of payoff with minimal effort – so no digging into your brow.  There is a spoolie on one end, perfect in the morning when you don’t want to faff about.  Once applied, it stays put incredibly well and it’s just an glorious pencil that I will likely repurchase repeatedly.


Urban Decay Brow Beater

The next one is the Urban Decay Brow Beater* in Neutral brown, it’s £15 for 0.05g – so over double to price of NYX for almost half the product.  I bought this when I had red hair and it worked well, now though it’s a wee bit too warm and it’s definitely too dark for me at the minute.  I can almost get away with it,  although I’ve a funny feeling I will be rehoming it soon!  This pretty much the same as the NYX pencil and the reason it’s not the favourite?  Well it’s more than twice the price of the NYX pencil and they are practically identical.  It has a fine nib and spoolie.  It applies easily and stays put all day.  It is a great product.  NYX has a greater selection of colours, so you’re more likely to find a closer match to your brow colour.  This one is the least value for money.


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Lastly we have the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil* in 2, it’s £18.50 for 0.34g – so the best value for money.  I was sent this one to test out when they were doing the big freebie push.  I like the snazzy angle of the pencil, it is however the hardest to get payoff from, although only marginally.  It does have good pigmentation and again it stays put all day.  The full size has a spoolie too, so again, winning on that front.  Sadly I was sent the wrong shade, but I was still able to test it out and to be fair, it’s not that much darker than my NYX micro brow, I can pull it off.  Again, similar to Urban Decay, there is a limited range of colours and I’m unsure if shade 1 is cool, it looks like a warm blonde online, but I’d have to see it in person to confirm.

Filled in eyebrows


Round Up

Best Value for Money Benefit Goof Proof

Best Shade Selection NYX Micro brow

Favourite to use NYX Micro brow, I’ve just got so used to the small nib.  Goof Proof is coming up close though.

What is your favourite brow pencil of the moment?  Are you more of the brow gel kinda person?  Can you convince me to switch?  I’d love to hear your opinions.  If you want to see me fill in my brows and how I use the pencils, you can check out the video below and maybe even subscribe to my channel if you fancy!




4 thoughts on “All about the brows

    1. I know, but you do get more product for your money – that whole cost per unit. But I just prefer the NYX one I think. They’re both good though 🙂

    1. I used to use the Soap & Glory one too, it is fab. That’s a shame you couldn’t find the right colour, it has the biggest shade selection. Maybe try again in case the stand was out of stock on the day? Check it out if you ever get the chance..or the shade 🙂

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