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I was sent this rather wonderful bouquet from Blossoming Gifts, as it’s still my birthday month, I was very happy to receive them!  I mean who wouldn’t like to receive flowers in the post?  I have the Crème Brûlée bouquet, which has sunglow dino germini, white reagan chrysanthemums, tiny tanacetum single vegmo – that remind me of tiny daisies and delicate greenbell.

I’ve never received flowers in the post so I was a wee bit nervous that they would arrive in pieces.  As you can see, they most definitely did not!  They arrived in a long box, wrapped in plastic, with a thick damp cloth gathered around the ends of the flowers and of course a sachet of food. The damp cloth meant the flowers were still fresh when they arrived.   I cut the ends and popped them straight in a vase – which way do you pronounce it?  I like to wrap the plastic from the flowers around the vase, it hides the stems a bit and adds even more colour!

Arrived CloseUp1Portraits

These flowers thoroughly brightened my day, they’re so cheerful and they add a wonderful pop of colour to our living room.  I’ve always been a fan of receiving actual post – bills and formal letters don’t count.  So to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers in the post, well it was a wonderful gift to land on at my door.

I’d recommend if you’ve any birthdays coming up, or special occasions, or just fancy treating yourself, pop over to blossoming gifts.  They have more than just flowers, so if you fancy sending all sorts of goodies there are options.  Blossoming gifts deliver 7 days a week, which is rather useful!  You can get a 33% discount using the code BGIFTS33, so bit of a winner, gifts and a discount!

Close3 FlowersOnly
One other point that really helped finish things off nicely, I went off investigating Blossoming gifts and discovered more on their environmental ethics and was rather delighted with what I found

“We are mindful of our environmental impact and strive to be as respectful to our natural environment as possible, after all, our flowers deserve it. When possible we source our flowers from British growers and have designed our packaging to produce as little waste as possible. We do not believe in machine made, all of our bouquets are hand-tied at our UK floristry centre with love and care by our team of experienced florists. A huge 95% of all waste generated by our wine operation is recycled, and we do our part in protecting the rainforest by only using paper from the UK to make our personalised gifts.”

How wonderful is that.  Not only have you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but it’s environmentally friendly.  Delighted!  Let me know if you pick up any flowers for yourself or friend.  Which have caught your eye?

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