How you can wear bold makeup too

Yes You Can Wear It

Recently I’ve heard similar statements over and over, “I could never pull that off” or “I wish I could wear that”…or similar.  You get the idea!  This makes me feel a bit sad, until I remember I used to think the same.  I would never wear anything colourful on my face for fear of either drawing attention to myself, or looking ridiculous.  I gradually dealt with it in slow steady steps.  I think we can fall into two camps, or both, as to why we avoid wearing that bright lip or full on eye look.  Let’s start with those areas shall we!

Lack of confidence in your makeup skills

Sometimes we’re worried we’ll apply it wrong or it will smear across our face.  I only really figured out makeup when I was almost 30!  I watched lots and lots of youtube tutorials on how to apply makeup.  Then I practiced, I didn’t always leave the house in these early makeup trials, but I’d put it on, leave it for a bit and then take it off!  So what if it looks awful, you make mistakes and you learn from it. You figure out what works for you.  You can also go to a makeup class if you’d rather have someone there to ask questions.  I find it easier having someone in the room – in fact I’ve also done a makeup artist course!  So ya know, whatever floats your boat.  At the end of the day, the more you practice, the better you become.

Worried about what people will think

This is another one I can easily relate to!   If you’re walking down the street it is easy to think everyone is looking at you because of your fabulous bold lip!  Nope you’re not that important I’m sorry to say!  Chances are the people that glance at you, or stare are thinking any number of things… “Wow I wish I could pull that off”… “That is a fab lip colour, I wonder what it is”….”I wonder did I leave the iron plugged in”… even if they do think something awful, that’s their issue, not yours.  I dare you to smile at them.  They’ll either smile back, forgetting the nasty thoughts or they’ll look away.  Own what you’re wearing.  People won’t remember you shortly after seeing you and chances are you won’t see those people again.

It is easy to let other people’s opinion of you ruin your confidence.  Whether it’s a snide remark or a nasty look.  I’ve taught myself over the years that it is my opinion of me that matters.  If someone thinks badly of me, that’s on them.  If they choose to drink poison, it has nothing to do with me.  I like me, I want me to be happy.  If I take on their opinion it will just ruin my day!  Yes mean comments can be hurtful and yes it will take practice to learn to let go of these mean, snide comments.  It’s worth practicing.  Those mean people are likely going through something awful, have been taught bad manners or are jealous.  It’s their problem.  Let go.  Life is too short to hold onto their baggage.

How to wear the bold lip or statement eye

Build up to it.  Pick a colour that is a slightly more vibrant than the nude you wear.  If you’re only starting to wear makeup, start with a lip gloss or a nude.  Ease yourself in.  I did this over a period of months.  Make sure you leave the house with these shiny new makeup trials.  Get used to wearing them.  I’ve heard of people, in fact beauty bloggers of all people, try out these stunning lip colours or eye looks and never, ever leave the house.  Then they’ve become used to never leaving the house and they never wear them in public!  Now this is all very well and good, it can make you feel fabulous and make you smile.  Why not try wearing them outside, build your confidence, adjust to wearing your statement makeup in public, share that joy!  You’d be surprised how much you grow and get out of it.  It’ll do you all manner of good.

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