NYX Liquid Suede & Instense Butter Gloss

NYX Liquid Lip Colours

I’ve been continuing to add to my lip collection… surprise I know.  I thought it about time that I tested out more of the NYX collections and I’m rather glad I did.  I’ve tried out some of the butter glosses before but never an Intense one, so I grabbed the shade Spice Cake*.  It’s a beautiful purple toned pink.  I also picked up two of the Liquid Suede* shades, Stone Fox which is a warm grey and Cherry Skies which is a dark red.

Can you tell which is which from the swatches?  They all apply really nicely, although the doe-foot applicator is where the pain occurs.  They’re long and straight which makes it a bit fiddly to get a nice clean application.  I prefer applicators with a pointy end.  The Intense Butter Gloss, Spice Cake (the bottom swatch), is very pigmented and great pay off.  It wears well, although you will need to touch up throughout the day.  Thankfully it doesn’t wear off in a patchy way, which makes reapplication simple.  It applies more darkly on the lips, you can see in picture two down below.  Which I don’t mind at all, I love this colour on.  I will definitely investigate more shades from this line.

NYX Swatches

The two liquid suede shades are also very pigmented.  So intense.  I love them.  They don’t apply patchy at all, however they do transfer, so if you rub your lips together it will transfer off, so just apply some over the top.  These dry down to a semi matte finish, although they do remain slightly tacky feeling on the lips.  My one bugbear with these, they’re a pain to layer up.  So it’s fine if they wear off and you can top them up, however just putting on a second layer over a freshly dried first layer, you can feel the second layer and it feels bitty.

These will transfer throughout, so any mug of tea you have…lip marks.  Also if you eat an apple be warned – check your chin for transfer!  It’s a trade off I’m willing to make because I love the colours and intensity so much.  Stone Fox is in picture three and Cherry Skies in in picture four.  I have bare lips in picture one for reference.

NYX Lip Swatches

So all in all, I would recommend checking out these joyous products.  The suede line has it’s faults but they also massively rock.  It’s a shame about the doe-foot applicators.  You can check out the video below for a peek at application if you fancy!  Have you tried any lip products from NYX? Which would you recommend?  Tell me please!!

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