We left the flat!

Leaving the house

It’s been a busy few days on the entrepreneurial front.  Basically I’ve been glued to my mac doing lots of things.  I felt so productive, especially with my shiny new desk!  Thankfully we did actually leave the flat at one point, the sun came out briefly before we ended up half drown.  I made my first ever gluten free sourdough loaf!  I was part of the parcel I was sent from Borough Box, expect a review of all the goodies coming up this week.

The decision has been made, all my videos will be on Honestly Aine moving forward!  I’m a bit excited.  I’ve some exciting plans and I’m going to spend some time planning out the vlogs a bit better and bring them up to standard.  It would mean the world if you popped over and subscribe to Honestly Aine on youtubes!


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