Ekia Skincare Review

Ekia Skincare


I’ve been testing out these bits from ekia skincare for about 6 weeks now, so I thought I’d share some of my findings.  I have the Eyelid Lifting Serum, which costs £38 for 15ml and the Preventive Anti-ageing Skincare for Normal to Combination skin, this costs £43 for 50ml.  Let’s talk about the eye gel first.

ekia Eyelid Lifting Serum

This has quite a thin but not runny consistency and is very lightweight on the skin.  It does leave the skin slightly tacky after initial application, however it sinks into the skin quickly.  I’ve quite a few fine lines around my eyes, between resting b!tch face, smiling and squinting at a computer screen for about two decades – well I’ve plenty of lines all over my face at the this point.  I have noticed some softening of the finer lines around my eyes, although I know it’s not a magical fix for them, it is nice to see them soften.

What the website says:

Thanks to this fresh gel-serum, organic certified and highly concentrated in lifting active ingredients, eyelids are immediately lifted and lastingly firmed. Toned, the eyes are brighter and look bigger and are less tired-looking.  Results:  Immediate: the eyelids are lifted, the eyes look wider and brighter.  In 3 months: the eyelids are lastingly firmer, the eyes look less tired.

I don’t know that my eyelids are lifted as such, but the skin around my eyes is in pretty good condition at the minute.  We all know I’m a bit fussy about my eye creams.  So far I’ve had no irritation, no dryness, no signs of milia.  All that coupled with the softening of the finer lines, well I’m happy camper.

ekia lifting Eye Gel


ekia Preventive Anti-Ageing Skincare

This is a very light-weight cream, which spreads well and sinks in quite quickly.  There is a sweet scent from this cream but it’s not particularly overwhelming and it disappears.

What the website says

If your skin has started to show these first signs of ageing and fatigue – fine lines, dull complexion, expression lines, dehydration and dryness – EKIA’s Crème Originelle helps your skin through four active principles.  Results:  Immediate: skin is soft, comfortable and fine lines are less visible.  In 2 months: skin texture is smoother, complexion is brighter.  In 3 months: skin is firmer, wrinkles are reduced

I did notice an improvement in my appearance within the first week, in regards to the brightness of my skin and the overall look of it.  I’ve not noticed a massive improvement in the fine lines on my face – I have some serious furrows in my forehead, they’re still intact.  Although I doubt I’ll see any change in those, I’ve a very expressive face, so they’re part of that 🙂  I’ve also not experienced any dry patches or irritation.  Once possible issue, when I was using it both night and day, I did start to experience clogged pores.  I developed blackheads along my jawline.  So although it was quite lightweight, it was a wee bit too much for my skin.  I noticed if I only used it once a day, I fewer clogged pores.  So maybe not one for using both day & night time if you have larger pores.  Overall I generally liked it and I will use it up.

ekia Preventive Anti-Ageing Skincare

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