Living Proof Dry Shampoo & Humidity Shield!

Living Proof

You may have noticed, particularly if you follow me on Instagram, I have a thing about changing my hair colour a lot.  Which has resulted in it being in rather woeful condition, rather dry and fluffy in fact.  So in a bid to help my hair, I try to keep washing and styling to a minimum.  These little gems from Living Proof have been a bit of a life saver on that front.

I got these little minis at the Big Blogger Expo, I have the Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo* and the No Frizz Humidity Shield*.  Let’s start with the shampoo shall we!

There is a white cast to the spray (which you can see the photo), which isn’t talc thankfully, but it does allow you to see where you’re spraying.  I spray it at the roots and leave it for a few minutes.  I then work it through with my fingers, with the white disappearing along with any grease or dirt!  I sometimes see it coming out as I shake work it through my hair.  This lived in my gym bag, so it also works on sweaty hair…too much info?  Either way, this works!  It saves my having to wash my hair every other day, I often get an addition two days wear out of my hair with this dry shampoo.  Which is not something to be sniffed at!  I am such a fan of the scent from this shampoo, it is very fresh.  It actually reminds me of fresh summer breeze, which sounds cheesy I know.  Think fresh laundry on the line, flowers scenting the air, it smells wonderful.  I did notice a nice smell throughout my day the first time I used it and I had a work colleague tell me it was my hair! I should point out it was braided, so I didn’t initially click.

My mini is starting to run incredibly low, which is a bit sad.  It is a touch on the expensive side, to be honest though I’d not found another dry shampoo that I love.   It does help keep my hair colour due to less washing, which saves me money.  So really it pays for itself!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo Spray

Now for the Humidity Shield.  I’ve actually used less of this product – the whole trying not to style my hair too much.  However it has come in useful when I do bother to style it.  It has been very humid out recently, add in damaged fluffy hair, well you can imagine – my hair was getting bigger by the day!  This has come to the rescue.  I would style my hair, spray it in place (those little baby hairs are annoying unless sprayed out of the way), then spray this over the top.  It basically stops it getting fluffier throughout the day.  I also used it on days where I went pretty basic as I knew I would be outside in the sun – it has UV protection.  So prevents further damage.  It’s very lightweight and it doesn’t leave any build up.  Win.  I do still have some of this, but with our indian summer kicking in, I’ve no doubt I will finish it off soon enough!

What are your hair musts?  I’ve a few more to share in up coming posts, I’ve become a wee bit of a hair care fanatic…funny that, with it being so damaged!  I need to find ways to remedy the situation!  If you’ve seriously damaged hair, I’d love to hear your recommendations.  Out of the two I’ve mentioned, my favourite is the dry shampoo, it rocks my socks!


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