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I’ve been testing out a few products from MUD (Make-up Designory), you may remember the lipstick from my August Favourites in fact.  I’m so pleased I’ve finally got to use a few products from them, I’ve heard about MUD from the likes of Wayne Goss.  These shades are perfect for Autumn, so let’s get stuck in!  A bonus about MUD is that it’s cruelty free, which is something I’m trying to be much more aware of. 

MUD Lipstick – Burlesque

This is a wonderfully vibrant raspberry, red.  This applies with ease, no dragging on the lips at all.  As you can imagine there is a good amount of pigmentation and it transfers easily onto the lips.  I would recommend taking your time when you do apply it, as it can and will stain.  This is a very hydrating lipstick, it doesn’t dry out your lips or leave them feeling uncomfortable.  I found it wore really well throughout the day, wearing off surprisingly evenly.  Reapplication is also really simple – no patchy behaviour in sight! It helps that it stains your lips, so you just need to top it up really.  You can easily wear this lipstick without any liner, however if like me, you sometimes try to alter the shape of your lips – definitely do in with a lip liner first.  This costs £15.50 from Precious About Makeup, which is a similar cost to mac, but I actually prefer this one to any mac lipsticks.  I need to try more from this line.

MUD swatches

MUD Lip Pencil – Mauve

This isn’t as mauve as the name might suggest.  It’s a slightly mauve-y toned reddy/brown shade. Which is all the rage at the minute anyway!  This is probably the closest to brown I will ever get to be honest.  I like that it is a dark red shade.  This is quite a soft lip pencil, making it very easy to apply.  You can use it to outline your lips, as well as to fill in your lips – which is what I tend to do.  This is surprisingly comfortable to wear by itself, I would expect some serious dryness, not so.  It does wear very well throughout the day, although with minimal staining, it’s more obvious when it wears off.  It also reapplies really nicely too.  Undoubtedly an Autumnal shade. This retails for £13 from Precious About Makeup.

MUD lip swatches

MUD Lip Glaze – Java

This is a similar sort of shade to the Mauve lip liner, but a wee bit more red.  It’s much more of a wash of colour, rather than anything particularly pigmented.  Again, very comfortable to wear and surprisingly minimal on the sticky front!  So your hair is safe with this glaze.  Unsurprisingly this needs regular reapplication.  It applies well and it’s easy to get even coverage, again this isn’t drying and it has a glossy finish.  This retails for £12.75 from Precious About Makeup.

There are no strong scents from any of these lip products.  I like the packaging for all the products, minimal fuss – I am a fan of the flat top and bottom of the lipstick, it makes it easier to store it so you’re able to see the name of it!  If you want to see the application of the products you can check out the video down below, feel free to subscribe if you fancy too.

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