Natural World Hair Oils

Natural World Hair Oil

As I’m sure you know by now, my hair is a complete state.  Fried is an understatement.  So if I can help improve it at all, I will.   I’m a fan of oils and was rather pleased to discover these Natural World hair oils!   I was given a travel size of the Chia Seed and the Brazilian Keratin at the Big Blogger Expo, then more recently at the Bloggers Festival I was given the Coconut Water.

All of the oils are relatively thin and you don’t need very much at all.  You’ve seen how much fine hair I have, I’d reckon a 10pence size is more than enough for my long hair.  I wouldn’t recommend using any of these too close to your roots as – if like me, you  might use a wee bit too much the odd time, you will feel a sort of residue on your roots.  When possible I also try not to use heat on my hair afterwards as the oils are helping bring my hair back to life, lack of heat means softer, healthier hair.

With all of the oils I used them after washing and before drying.  I generally liked to use them before any other hair products. If you like you can use the oils in another way.  You can add them to your conditioner before shampooing, or use them after blowdrying – using a small amount through the lengths.  Now on to the oils themselves!

Chia Seed Volume & Shine Anti-Gravity Oil

This is made with organic chia seed oil and is aimed at fine hair to add lots of volume!  I did test this out, as it is supposed to “…boost volume and help strengthen for beautifully bouncy and fuller hair“.  It definitely did add plenty of volume!  I already have pretty voluminous hair at the minute though, so I don’t tend to use it too often.  However, if you have flat, fine hair, this will undoubtedly help add some extra bounce.

Brazilian keratin Smoothing Therapy

The aim of this oil is to “ repair damaged areas of the hair’s surface, lock in moisture and shine and control frizz“.  I can confirm all of this.  It helped to de-fluff my hair quite a bit!  In fact it left it feeling soft and relatively smooth, no mean feat with my hair.  This was my favourite, as I am trying desperately to smooth my hair out, so many years of smooth hair, I’m on a quest to get it back.  In the meantime I will use this.

Coconut Water Hydration & Shine

This is my favourite hair oil of the bunch.  Along with my hair being a fluffy mess, it’s also incredibly dry.  Painfully so almost.  In the short time I’ve been using this I’ve just fallen for it.  It’s so very lightweight on my hair but seems to just soften everything up.  Similar to the Brazilian Keratin, it helps to de-frizz and it is slowly helping to re-hydrate my hair.  Plus I love the coconuty scent of this one, it’s my favourite, it’s the only one with a strong scent really.

Pouring Natural World Hair Oil

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