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OK so we know by now that I’m a fan of food, gluten free food in fact…even better if it involves pizza! Well now who isn’t a fan of pizza? ….if it’s you, I think you need to consider your life choices 🙂  We’re almost at the weekend so I thought I’d share some excitement, for those of you that are fans of the Etna pizza from Pizza Express* – it’s making a come back.  I’d not tried it before, but when I read, “succulently spicy Romana recipe, which sees pools of ‘nduja sausage paired with sweet and spicy roquito chilli peppers”, well ya know, it had to be tried!  Etna is returning as part of a promotion with Deliveroo – so it can be ordered on the Deliveroo website or on the mobile app.  OK let’s talk pizza & sides!

Doesn’t it look rather good?  All of the noms.  We were able to select a gluten free base when ordering the pizza – more places need to offer this option.  Unsurprisingly there is a bit of a kick to it, although the cheese does help to balance it out.  I was a bit of a chicken and didn’t eat all of the chillies.  Husband faired better and ate all the chillies!  I did really enjoy the flavours that came through, if you’re a fan of spicy, this is the pizza for you.  
Etna pizza

We also decided to get a side, so went with these gluten free Potato Nocciola.  I’d never tried these before either – trying all the new things!  These are crisp little balls of fluffy potato, with some cheese on top.  We selected the option to add truffle oil as we were feeling a bit decadent, so glad we did.  These were very tasty and were an excellent choice.  Definitely add these to your list. 

Potato NocciolaPotato Nocciola truffle oilPizza and Potato side

With all of that decadence came cake.  Now sadly this isn’t gluten free, however I thought a tiny bit wouldn’t hurt.  I’m intolerant rather than allergic, so I save my gluten for treats!  This is the Honeycomb Cream Slice.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate this.  It was utterly fabulous, I thought I was incredibly restrained in only having half of this.  I had to stop myself from stealing my husband’s slice and devouring it when his back was turned.

Honeycomb Cream Slice

So if you fancy a treat this weekend, or any evening, you can try out Etna for yourself, or be very excited at the return of Etna!  Have you tried any pizzas from Pizza Express that you’d recommend?  I think next on my list is the Rustichella Romana, it’s also a returning classic.

* This is a sponsored post.

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