September Favourites

September Favourites

So we’re officially now in Autumn! I like the idea of Autumn, just not always the reality of Autumn..fingers crossed for a dry mild Autumn and minimal rain, then again I live in England… So to cheer ourselves along, let’s talk favourites shall we!


The Cursed Child.  This was just  lovely throw back of a read.  It wasn’t particularly intense but was just a joy to read.  If you’re a potter-head you will undoubtedly enjoy this book, although be warned, there is a fair amount of cheese…but then that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  This was a great book to allow me some much needed time off.


My new hair! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fabulous it’s looking, colour wise at least – health wise, it’s in need of some love.  So on my used I used Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour & Lift in Ultra Violet*,  through the mid-lengths I used Lightener & Twist in Cool Lilac*.  The ends are quite faded at the minute, but they tie in nicely with the pastel effect going on.  The two temporary colours I used for the ends are both from the Ultra Brights and the shades are Purple Punk* and Turquoise Temptation*.

I’ve been massively loving on the Mermaids Vs Unicorns palette* from Makeup Revolution, they’re all excellent shades but the reddy shade in particular is going to be a season favourite, I can tell.  So much pigmentation, minimal creasing and they wear well throughout the day! All for £4, bit of a bargain there!  I’ve reviewed this, so if you want to see all the swatches up close, you can check out the review post here.

September Favourites

I’ve been loving baking my concealer  and I rediscovered a brightening concealer because of it!  I’d mostly forgotten about baking my concealer – often just using the sponge to apply my powder and move on.  For some reason it popped into my head, wow, seriously, if you’ve never baked your under eye concealer and you’re prone to wrinkles then you need to try it out.  So simple to do and so very effective.  I’m mid-bake application in the picture below – you can check out the favourites video for a quick demo of how to bake your makeup!  I’ve been using the flormar concealer to deal with any purple tones – review here, and the Seventeen Stay time concealer* to brighten.  Once I’ve blended them in, I use my damp sponge to apply copious amounts of NYX Studio Finishing Powder*.  Once I’ve left it to set for at least 5 minutes…often longer, I will sweep away the excess using a soft duo fibre brush.  Minimal under eye creasing and everything just looks so much better!

The one fail is the Real Techniques beauty sponges.  I picked up a duo pack recently and I’m gutted to feel such a difference in the product.  It’s tougher and harder to work with.  Why did they change them! They were so good!! I suppose, now they’re popular, they can get away with it as people just buy them on their name.  That is until we all stop because they’re pants!  I will be investigating new sponges soon.

Baking my makeup

Online loves

I have to give a shout out to a few bloggers here.  I’m gradually finding my blogging and youtubing tribe and these lovely, excellent people are squarely in the middle of it.  We’ve Holly from Closing Winter – we have all the chuckles together and tend to go to events together, or just generally hang out and play with makeup.  This girl gets me lots, even when I’m being a grumpy pain in the rear – mostly because she also has similar issues 🙂  Plus we can get hangry together and still be friends afterwards!  That’s the sign of a good friends.  Lyndsey from Fizzy Peaches is another Brighton girl.  So between myself, Holly and Lyndsey, we have all the fun over tea and biscuits!  Such a nice, genuine person that introduced me to #wombleboob – for which I will forever be in her debt.  She’s a great laugh and I look forward to hanging out with her lots more.  The last person I want to shout about is Jemma from Dorkface.  This girl has an excellent sense of humour and is so down to earth, I need to find her and have drinks with her and all the laughs.  Her illustrations work is just rather wonderful.  I do enjoy randomly poking her on twitter, just to see what happens – it often results in strange conversations and the exchange of gifs.

All of the above girls have excellent blogs that you should go and check out.  There’s a mix of beauty, life and travel all mixed in.  So lots of good stuff for you to read.

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