Vlogtober is coming!!

vlogtober 2016 announcement

You’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m going to give vlogtober a whirl!  What will this mean for the blog I hear you cry!? Will you get swamped with vlogs?  Well hopefully not.  I won’t post all of the vlogs here – so if you do want to keep up with vlogtober you need to subscribe to my youtube channel – you can do that here – and click on the notifications button to see them all (it looks like a bell, you’ll see it once you’ve subscribed).  So what is the schedule going to look like?

Monday: Vlog post

Tuesday: Beauty post & video

Wednesday: Blog specific post ( Although this might be a tag post & video combo )

Thursday: Blog specific post – e.g. no video OR vlog post – go check out my channel for the latest video

Friday: Life post & video

Saturday: Vlog post

Sunday: Weekly round up!

So there will be lots going on for the month of October, I’m actually really looking forward to it!  I’ve already started to backlog my videos, so it will allow me some breathing space and allow me to keep the standards up – hopefully gradually improving.  I may throw in the odd non-vlog video on vlogging days, but the aim is to have a video up everyday for the month of October.

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