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vlogtober day 29

Some days just rock.  I was fortune enough to get invited to two different events on Thursday.  First up was the Powder Beauty Boutique event to celebrate the fact that Powder Beauty has been around for 10 years!  They had various inspirational talks on from Grl Pwr GangSupercharged club and Smoke + Mirrors Collective.  They covered a few topics, from becoming an entrepreneur, to how to look after yourself and developing the confidence to do great things.  While all of this was going on, treatments were happening in various other rooms – I had a manicure, my nails are looking decent for the first time in a while!  There were also a number of creative businesses there, I’m going to do a blog post all about it,so you can catch up with that soon.

After the fun at Powder Beauty I headed off over to the Shine Bar evening, they were launching a new Shine Bar shampoo, this is also getting it’s own blogpost!  I’m very excited to use it.  On the night there were various demonstrations of a number of different hair styles and how to replicate them at home.  My mission is to practice knot braids, I’ve enough hair and it would be something different.  This was a great evening, I got to see Holly again and Natalie – I’ve not seen that girl for about a year!  So it was nice to catch up with them as well, while enjoying a wee glass or two of prosecco.

All in all, a rather fun day of it.  It’s events like these that help get you through all the work around blogging.  They’re like mini rewards for all the hard work!  Love it.  You can check out the vlog below and feel free to click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel – you’ll likely noticed that not all vlogs make it onto the blog.

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