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I don’t know about you but I am all about Hallowe’en this month.  It’s one of my favourite holidays!  Sadly we don’t do much to celebrate, but I still like to add a touch of Hallwe’en to my day throughout October…and maybe for a bit longer…that makes it Autumn themed right?  I’ve been testing out these new polishes from Itsy that I was kindly sent, they’re from their new DuraPro Gel Effect line.

The orange shade is No Fear and the green shade is Green With Envy, both perfect for Autumn and Hallowe’en.  You can see from the swatches that they are quite pigmented, however like most polishes, they need two coats to be fully opaque.  In the picture above the outer swatches are single coats and the inner swatches are two coats.

These polishes generally last about 5 days on me, which is good going as I’m far from gentle with my nail polish.  I’ve been known to use my nails to open various devices, not wear gloves while washing up and generally not taking care of my nails.  So for me, 5 days is good.  If you follow me over on Instagram you’ve likely seen the photos below.  Both with slightly different light but you get the general idea.  I went with plain orange for the first manicure and rather loved it.  For my second manicure, I added spider webs for a touch of nail art to the green polish, I thought it was quite a nice contrast!  Very Hallowe’en feeling!

I do enjoy the flat brush, it makes it easy to apply the polish.  It applied very smoothly and no patchiness.  I would recommend applying this polish, the orange in particular, over a base coat.  Simply to prevent staining!  As you can see this has a glossy, smooth finish, which I was quite impressed with to be honest.  I did apply a top coat to the manicures, but you can see the glossy finish with the swatches above.  It’s rather fab!

This polish is free from all the nasties DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin.  It’s also a cruelty free polish, which is also another bit of a win!  All in all, I like these polishes, as another little win – they’re having a sale at the minute (at the time of writing), 3 polishes for £15 using the code Autumn, you can check it out for yourself on the Itsy Nails London website.  I would recommend checking them out!
Halloween nail art

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