Smashbox Lipsticks Review

smashbox Lipsticks

I’ve had these lip beauties for a wee while now, if I’m honest I was waiting on a final colour arriving (Deep), but I had to give in and do the review without it.  I’m sure it will appear in future posts – it’s already over on my instagram.  Right on with the review!  Let’s start with the lipstick.

Be Legendary Lipstick

I’m sure you’ve heard that Smashbox released 120 new Be Legendary lipsticks with a mix of Matte and Cream finishes.  They cost £17.50*.  I have a cream finish in the shade Headliner.  It is wonderfully easy to apply, there is no dragging on the lips and it doesn’t emphasise the dryness of my poor lips.  There is a decent amount of pigmentation, however I’d recommend layering it up if you want a fully opaque colour.  This doesn’t necessarily wear the longest, it’s a cream finish, they always need touching up throughout the day.  It doesn’t wear off in a weird fashion, it just gradually disappears from your lips as you drink and eat throughout the day.  The reapplication is simple, no odd balling up or any strange behaviour.  All in all, I really quite like this and I would pick them over a mac lipstick to be honest.

Smashbox lipstick swatches

Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

Now on to the Always on Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Stepping Out and Bawse.  I may be entirely in love with the liquid lipsticks, seriously people.  Stepping Out is a brown shade, very 90s and all the rage at the minute, not really my thing though.  Bawse is a warm red, which is an absolute favourite at the minute.  This applies really nicely and the doefoot applicator comes to a point, which makes it really easy to get a nice line to your lips and it’s not a nightmare applying your cupids bow! Win.  This dries down really nicely, it doesn’t sink into the creases of my lips and it doesn’t feel very dry on the lips at all.  The wear time with this product is amazing, I mean amazing.  It will stay put all day without fail!  I applied this at about 7.30 and it was still there by 5.30 with only a small amount of wear on the centre of my lips.  I had multiple cups of tea and glasses of water throughout the day, as well as my lunch and fruit and any other snacks.  So impressed.  These cost £19 and are entirely worth it for me.

Smashbox lip swatches

If you’d like to see any of the lipsticks applied, or just to hear me rave about these lipsticks you can check out the video below.  Have you tried any of the new lipsticks from Smashbox?  What shades would you recommend?  Are there any other lipsticks you’d recommend?


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