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I’m doing a rather fun collab with Alana over on A Rose for Epona, we’ve decided as we’re both quite colourful people, that we should do some sort of colourful collab for Christmas!  So Colour for Christmas was born.  This week, we’re showing looks that are the opposite to the normal red, gold, green and silver – we decided that meant blue, purple, pink and orange.  I went with orange and purple and as I write this, I’ve no idea what Alana has done – go check it out and tell me…although I’ve likely checked.  We’re doing a look every Wednesday right up until New Year, so make sure you pop back for a nosy. 


Quick run down. Tan shade in the crease, then the lightest orange also in the crease.  Applied the middle orange on the outer and inner third, then joined both ends through the crease – leaving the centre of my lid clear.  I went over the orange with the copper shade, which I also brought along my lower lash line.  I applied the plummy purple in the centre, then the metallic purple over the top.  I applied some lash glue over the top of the purple and pressed on the glittery pigment using a dense brush, which I also ran along my lower lash line over the copper.  Of course lots of blending was happening throughout the entire process.  I did a wing using the liquid liner and then used a black pencil along my lower waterline only.  I applied plenty of black mascara and I’m done!

I finished the entire look in about 30 minutes – rest of my face included.  I did attempt to apply some flash lashes for more impact, but I’m having serious issues with lashes at the minute, my eyelids are not having it.  I’ve done a video down below if you want to watch it in action – I will warn you a few of the shots have terrible angle, I’m still trying new set ups for recording tutorials – in this case I need to lower the camera more…You can still see what’s happening.  Sadly I didn’t have time to re-record it.

makeupusedChristmas Look full faceChristmas Eye Look full face


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