Pampering, Inspiring Evening from Powder Beauty

Powder Beauty Goody bag

You likely seen in one of the more recent vlogs (post here) that I went along to the Pamper Night to celebrate Powder Beauty Boutique’s 10 years!  I’m rather impressed with that, this epic company has been going for so long – that’s as long as I’ve been living in Brighton!  So back to the evening all around female empowerment, entrepreneur inspiration and generally feeling good!

There were talks on from Supercharged, which was all about the power of mum and supporting each other and learning more.  Another talk came from Smoke + Mirrors Collective.  The Smoke + Mirrors Collective is run by Alice with the aim of providing a platform for career creators to communicate and sell their products.  They also offer information marketing, branding, project development, all sorts of wonderful training.  Another wonderful talk was given by women from the Grl Pwr Gang.  Grl Pwr Gang is a collective of women that all have a passion for supporting women in creative industries and female empowerment.  I actually got to see some of this chat and it was wonderful, all about becoming an entrepreneur and how to develop the confidence to move forward in a career that you choose.  Very inspiring.

Powder Boutique talksknitted jumpers

I was really lucky that I got to pop along and have a manicure before the talks all kicked off, you likely seen my Halloween inspired manicure over on Instagram. This is not the first time I’ve had a manicure at Powder Beauty and I highly doubt it will be the last.  In fact I had my wedding manicure done here along with my bridesmaids….I may have also had part of my hen party here too.  So I’ve very fond memories attached to Powder Beauty!

manicures pins and badges halloween treats Halloween Ledge

There was an art exhibit on from Lois Orchard, all unique illustrations.  As well as jewellery from Cheap Frills – I’ve been eyeing up her Autumnal jewellery, definitely one to investigate.  There was a mix of the fun quirky pieces for Halloween (or in my case all year round) and stunning more unique pieces.  I mean just look at the necklaces below!  Have I mentioned the very tasty gin cocktails that were doing the rounds as well as the cake and sweet treats?  Talk about being spoiled!

Cheap Frills Jewellerycushions

All in all it was a wonderful evening, I was just gutted I couldn’t stay for the entire event!  This was all done in support of NSPCC, so all the warm and fuzzy feelings.  Although I stupidly had no cash on me, so I made an online donation when I got home to make up for it!  If you’d like to donate to the NSPCC you can click this link and make a donation.  I was given a little goody bag, which was given to everyone that had a treatment, it had a mini OPI lotion (which smells amazing), some chocolate from Montezuma – unsurprisingly was gone early the next day, a fun scented black candle and a voucher.  I felt incredibly spoilt.  Here’s to another successful 10 years!

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