November Favourites

november favourites It’s almost Christmas time people!  So the stars are out and I’m here to share my November beauty and life favourites with you!  Excited pants. Let’s get stuck right in with the make up.


I’m starting with the eyes this time as I fancy a change.  I’m back playing with my Seventeen single shadows again, I’m a massive fan of these shadows.  I’ve not tried them in their shiny new packaging but it looks very similar to the originals, the Rose Quartz* shade in particular is beautiful I think.  It’s a a great one colour shadow, you can blend it out into the crease and it just gives a lovely rose taupe wash all over.

For blush, the Max Factor Creme Puff blush* in Gorgeous Berries has been rocking my socks.  It’s more warm toned than the elf Berry Merry blush from last month’s favourites.  Although they are quite similar, so if you have one you don’t really need the other.  They’re both pretty either way.

Would you believe I bought this Sleek liquid highlighter in the summer and I don’t think I touched it since buying it…or maybe only once.  It’s the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator* in Monaco.  As you can see it’s a silver highlight, although what isn’t being picked up is the pink pearlescent tone.  Obviously I’ve popped on quite a bit here, generally I would use the tiniest amount, barely a touch of the pump.  That is more than enough to apply to the tops of my cheeks and cupid’s bow.  I would also recommend applying this after your foundation and before your blush, you can always add a touch more after the blush.  It just seems to look better, but that could be personal preference!

Last beauty product is the Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick*in Bankrolled.  As you’ve probably seen in my Alternative lip shades for Winter post, I love to pop this on over other lip colours, so for example I used a purple eyeliner and then put this over the top.  You can put whatever colour you fancy to give it a different tone, go ahead and try it!

nov favourites swatches


I’ve only one more favourite for you.  My Photography course has been my life favourite.  I used to be a very big photography fan, bit of a lomography nut if I’m honest.  That all fell by the way in the last few years and I miss it greatly.  So I started a photography course it help reignite my love of it and to improve my skills.  If I’m honest, it was a beginners course so I didn’t learn very much and the bit I did learn, I’ve forgotten.  I will still get the FStop confused with which setting it’s for – that’s what google is for.  I’ve always been a do it and see person, so what this has done for me, is to get me taking pictures on the fully manual mode again and I’m very happy with the results I’m getting, more experimenting and fun all round.  It might eventually be reflected in my blog images, for now I’m taking pictures of random things and anything that might capture my imagination.  I need an outlet other than my blog and vlog and this is perfect for me at the minute.  I’m starting the next level this week…or weekend actually by the time I sit down to it!  Cannot wait.

So those are my favourites for the month!  What have been your favourite things?  Anything you’d recommend?

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    1. Definitely do it, I did a free one with Shaw academy, it was ok – I wouldn’t recommend paying for it, but if you grab it free it’s a handy one just to get you started. The illuminator rocks my socks.

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