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Not too long ago I went along to the Shine Hair & Beauty salon to celebrate the launch of the Shine Bar shampoo – a nifty creation from the owner of the salon!  As part of the evening, we were shown a few different hair styles we could try out and some of the girls even had their hair done – Holly from Closing Winter was given a few tips on creating an excellent messy bun.  I was personally fascinated by the knot braid, one I’m still practicing to be honest.  I love my braids but it can sometimes take my brain a while to figure it out!  If you’d like to see what went on you can check out the vlog post here.  Back to the wonderful evening & review of the shampoo!


Our hair guru for the evening was Steve and unsurprisingly, he was a bit of a hair genius.  You can see the rope braid in the action shot below, followed by the finished product.  One thing Steve emphasized was the use of the correct products to help you achieve the look.  Something I’m a bit awful at, I rarely use products properly, or actually bother and then wonder why it doesn’t look right.

Next up with the slick back, wet look.  We’ve all seen it on a plethora of celebrities.  Now I don’t know about you, but when I’ve done anything like this, I just look like I’ve not washed my hair for a month.  In step the right products!  He added a bit of hair potion to add some volume and then went in with a tiny amount of serum.  Always best to start with a little bit and build on it, I should have learnt this from creating makeup looks but I never did.  I tend to panic and stick it all on…Back to the slick look, once you have that glossy finish you need to spray it into place. I was rather impressed with the finished look.

wetlook wetlook2 wetlook3shinebar2

So after lots of nice cake and maybe a few glasses of prosecco, we were given our goody bags.  In there was an Aveda exfoliator (which I’ve been enjoying so far), an Aveda Invati trail kit and a Shine shampoo bar!  The Shine bar is produced just down the road in Lewes, so it’s nice to support something home grown.  It’s also environmentally friendly with biodegradable packaging, with no plastic.  Also hooray for no animal testing.

I’ve used this a handful of times and I’m a fan.  There is a wonderful ginger and lemon scent which does linger a wee bit.  I tend to lather it up in my hands and massage it into the roots of my hair, then massage the bar through the lengths.  This helps give me a good amount of lather to wash my hair, I’ve a lot of hair.  It is aimed at folks with shorter hair but it worked grand for me.  It has done a great job of cleaning my hair!

Another consideration, it’s perfect for travelling.  If you’re going to use the packaging to transport it, make sure you dry off the bar before packing it away – you don’t want the packaging degrading mid journey.  All in all I’d definitely recommend it, it works well, it’s not expensive and it smells good!  Win.  You can buy it here, it’s £9.50 for 75g.


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    1. It was great fun and it was nice to be able to get up close and see what is actually going on. I know right, I’m awful with wet looks, no matter what products I use!

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