Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

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Hello and Happy Christmas!  I don’t normally do gift guides but I thought it might be fun to do stocking stuffers.  Those little thoughtful presents that just make people smile.  I’ve a mix of lifestyle, bath & body and a few beauty favourites that will suit most folk! Let’s start with the lifestyle gifts.

Lifestyle Stocking Fillers

I discovered Cafe of Curiousites at a shopping and beauty evening hosted by Powder Beauty, I spotted these mugs and picked a few as gifts for a few people.  I mean they’re hilarious, perfect for that morning cup of tea or coffee. I think they’re rather fabulous.  I’ve been a fan of The London Tea Company for a while, I’ve even mentioned them in a past favourites post. I’ve been loving their Vanilla Chai tea, it’s a wonderful warming drink to have on a Wintery evening.

To dry up the mugs after your warming drink, everyone needs a drying cloth!  I found this at the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market, it’s from Sarah Edmonds Illustrations, there’s quite a few different tea towel options as well as prints and tote bags.  I’m a fan of tea lights in general, just to add a bit of coziness to a room.  I picked up a few from Lidl and some of the Home Inspiration mini candles from Asda.  Great little stocking fillers.

bath body stocking gifts

Bath & Body Fillers

In search of a few TLC products?  Most folk enjoy a bit of Lush, I may be a bit of a you’ve likely guessed!  I’m a fan of the Twilight Bath Bomb to help me sleep.  Something else that helps with sleep is the Sleepy Body Lotion, it smells lovely, great if you know a fan of Lavender.  If you’re looking for something sweeter, there’s Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt.  It definitely has a sugary sweetness.  While we’re on sugary sweetness, there is this Christmas specific sugar scrub in Sugar Plum Fairy.  The scent reminds be of blackcurrant dilute.  Thoroughly enjoy it and it’s a cute stocking filler.

Stepping away from Lush for a minute, I’ve two other stocking stuffers.   I bought some Bath Salts from Amanda over at Be Gentle With Yourself, she doesn’t have a shop up just yet, but if you find her in Brighton, grab some!  Why not check out local markets yourself and find similar.  Why not look on etsy?  I went along to the Brighton Etsy Market and bought this delicious smelling organic soap from Corinne Taylor.  Love it and I’m tempted to buy some for myself!

skin care stocking gifts

Skin care

Lastly we’re onto skin care..mostly.  I’m a massive fan of the 7th Heaven masks*, I’ve written a post all about some of their more unusual masks.  They’re quite cheap and pretty effective!  I love them, definitely recommend picking up a few.  Another mask, which is more expensive, is The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask*, I’ve raved about this mask before in this post and cannot recommend it enough.  Body mists are always a win, perfect for backpacks and handbags.  I love the So…? body mist in Fresh Musk and Floriental, you can investigate over at Superdrug.  These are new releases I discovered at the Blogosphere Christmas Party and I’m hooked.  Definitely worth checking out.

Clarins Christmas Gift

Lastly I have the Clarins Eye Makeup Collection – Smokey Eye Essentials Christmas gift set.  This contains a super volume mascara, a tiny black Kohl eyeliner pencil and a 30ml Instant Eye Make-Up Remover.  Perfect for anyone – I avoid lip versions of these as you can guarantee it will contain a lip colour that someone won’t like.  A  kit like this is like that perfect neutral, perfect for majority of people.  Only concern – a white cloth makeup bag?  It looks pretty now…maybe not so much after one use.

That’s it!  Have you any ideas?? Did you like my little fun stop motion video on it?  I was quite pleased with how it turned out to be honest!  I’ve more ideas on what to do next.

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