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I thought I’d try something a wee bit different.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve been taking a photography course, I’m continuing on to the next level as I’ve grown to love photography again.  Now I’m not the bees knees yet, but I wanted to share my journey with you.  So I’m going to do a round up of what happened this month, with the aid of some of my favourite shots.

Let’s start with this stunning sunrise.  This was taken on the 1st November, the stunning orange and the incredible contrast, I took this on fully manual and I am so pleased with the result, utterly stunning – I’ve not edited this shot one bit, apart from resizing it for the blog.  It was a nice way to start the month, I am a fan of a glorious sunrise, it makes those early mornings almost worth it.


I went along to the Blogosphere Magazine Christmas Party in London on the 5th, arriving on the tube into Trafalgar Square.  A rather well know part of the city.  I’m mostly happy with this shot, but I definitely want to retry, sadly I’d no time.  It has sparked some ideas though!  I will be back.  Preferably when it’s not freezing cold and I don’t have anywhere to rush to!

frost bitten

On the 8th November I spotted the first frost of the Winter on my walk to work.  I love how crisp it makes everything look and so incredibly delicate.  It’s a shame it’s also so cold, I know I know, can’t have one without the other but I’ve bad circulation at the best of times – I seize up entirely in Winter!  Again this was a fully manual, I love how the tiny details were picked up.  It all looks so fresh. This was only edited to resize.

christmas tree dress

On my way to the Scarlett Jewellery blogger evening on the 15th, I spotted this Christmas tree dress in the window, I had to stop and try to capture it. I almost got it, although no matter which angle I tried, I ended up with that blue reflection.  I will have to start upping my editing skills so I can remove these sorts of things in future!  I utterly love the dress though, what an excellent idea.  I lightened this ever so slightly so you can see the detail a touch better.

star lights
Lastly we have these rather fun Christmas lights from the 27th November.  They’re Asda’s finest in case you were wondering.  We’re all kicking into Christmas high gear now, so this seemed a good way to round out the month.  I tried this in the almost dark and again in fully manual mode.  This took quite a bit of fiddling to get right, I had to be careful with the iso – it can lead to all sorts of grainy fun if you push it too high.  so lots of tiny adjusting and a mountain of photos resulted in this shot.  I quite like how it turned out.

Are you learning a new skill?  Or have you picked up a new hobby?  Let me know!  If you’re learning photography too, I’d love to have the chats.

2 thoughts on “November Edit

  1. Really love the concept of this post! I’ve gotten really into photography recently too, so I’ve switched up my Insta to reflect that rather than just snippits from the blog, and I’m going to be sharing some of the outfit photos I’ve taken for other bloggers in a post soon (P.S. commented on the wrong account before!)

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. Just realised I forgot to reply – I replied in my head. Thank you! I’ve done the same, my Insta is definitely more about taking images I love. How cool that you take photos for other bloggers, I tend to only help Holly out as she’s the only one locally 🙂 Great idea to share the photos 🙂

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