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So we’re on to part two of my Colour for Christmas collab with Alana! This week it’s something festive and fancy dress.  I decided to go with something that everyone can do in a pinch.  There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re off to a fancy dress party & you’ve nothing to wear.  All you need is this look!  No special anything required.  Alana’s post will go live at 9am later this morning, you need to go check it out by clicking here!  I can’t wait to see it!  Oh if you want to see the first part of this collab, you can check out the Alternative Eyes look I did.


I’ve attempted to grab screenshots as I went, however it was a pretty fluid how to..I may have made it up as I went.  In saying that, you will find a pinnable image below with a bit of an outline of what I did.  For now I’ll just give you a run through and you can check out the video at the end for a closer look – it’s another short one.

I applied The Body Shop Lightening drops all over my face as a base – including lips.  I took NYX Milk jumbo pencil through my eyebrows and I spiked it up above the start of my brows.  I set my face using NYX HD Finishing Powder.  I used the silver blue from the NARS Habanera duo, in my crease and then I blended it out above the crease and blew it out towards the end of my brows.  I also used this shadow to contour my face in the classic 3 as well as the hallows of my neck.  I took the lightest silver from the essence Greys palette and again used this in a spikey motion above my brows – think over exaggerated motions that you’d normally use to fill in your brows – I’m doing that above my brows!  I also took the slightly darker silver and repeated the brows.

For my lips I took this Blue Velvet NYX lipstick and applied it to the centre of my lips and used my finger to smudge it around the rest of my lips.  This helped the blue mix with the pale base.  I also took some of the first silver blue eyeshadow and applied it over the top of the lipstick.  I lined my waterline using the Barry M white eyeliner and I also did a wing with the same pencil.  I finished by running a spoolie through the NYX Milk pencil and using it as mascara – making sure to coat the top of my lashes in a bit to remove as much black as possible.  That’s it!  I would add highlight to the tops of my cheeks if I was going to do it again, I just entirely forgot at the time!

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    1. Do it! It’s sooooo easy. It took 20mins and that was with recording it, so you could do it in less. Definitely hit me up with a picture if you do 🙂

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