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2016 review, all of the achievements and laughs along the way.

I’m currently sitting on a train writing this, I’m giving you fair warning that this is a long one, grab a cuppa and have a catch up. I’ve noticed lately there is a definite downer on 2016 being an awful year. I suppose on a global scale it really was. It’s means that 2017 is undoubtedly going to be an interesting year. I wanted to share that my 2016 was pretty damn amazing, it was the year of huge change and mini adventures. Of being spontaneous and making the most out of the various opportunities that popped up.

At the start of the year I organised for a few of Simon’s friends to visit for his birthday and we had a great time celebrating. It was supposed to be a surprise, however Simon spotted his friends….so close. I was also focusing my efforts on my Irish dancing training, the World Championships were only a few months away, lots of practicing, training and focusing on the physical required.

Towards the end of February we went home for almost a week, the main aim was to surprise my daddy for his birthday (clearly a surprise theme going at the start of the year).  We did manage to include lots of other things in along the way. We spent time in Belfast catching up with my old friend Stephen and have fun out, drove down to Galway to see Siobhan and do some youtubing and chuckle. I’ve never been to Galway and I’d like to visit again, the coast line is stunning. Plus there’s the bonus of catching up with Siobhan again.

We glided into March and had a great time celebrating with family. I had to change my hair colour to a more “normal” colour for the upcoming Irish dancing competitions. It was a lovely red initially, then it went a bit funny and it was my least favourite hair colour I’ve ever had.  I clearly have a case of mermaid dysmorphia, I need my mermaid hair to feel like me. How else can people see my colourful soul?  I won a few trophies at the various dance competitions (feisanna for those in the know) and thoroughly enjoyed the run up to Worlds.  The dancers I trained with are excellent people.  We all worked hard together and laughed through the pain, sweat & exhaustion!

April. Worlds. I didn’t win, boooooo I came close but sadly I made a mistake in a dance but it cost me my recall. I danced incredibly well aside from that. Sadly I had to then retire, I just didn’t have the time or money to dedicate to dancing anymore. Especially as I’d the world to take over! Things started to get very busy throughout the summer months.

By May I’d attended some events but I was still pretty new at it. So I decided to throw myself into it head long. I’d put myself forward to all the blogging events thrown by other bloggers, magazines and PRS. Where did I find all of these? Google, Twitter, other blogging friends. Something I did to help me recover from Worlds – let’s be honest, I was more than a bit gutted that I’d made that mistake. I bleached my hair to get rid of the nasty weird red colour. Seriously, it was the oddest shade of red after a few washes.  I also got to fly a drone for the first time in May!

June, I did something incredibly impulsive.  I booked a last minute flight to Belfast to attend the Power of Video conference!  Why on earth did I do that? Well I talked to Stephen and it turned out Casey Neistat was going to be speaking at the conference! Now if you don’t know who this man is, you need to google him right now. Seriously. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find his energy and unwillingness to let anything stop him from achieving his goals incredibly inspiring. My kind of person, no bull. As the saying goes, you have to do the work and good god does he! So I booked a flight and I had the most incredible time. I got to hang out with Stephen. Oh I should point out, I’d managed to drop my Canon G7X and it was definitely dead, so I replaced it with a Canon G7X mark 2. This gave me a perfect excuse to drag Stephen out on photo missions and generally wander around Belfast to some of our old haunts. The conference itself was immense. Casey was inspiring and I worked up the nerve to ask him a question, my voice shook as I did. What was it?  It was all about how do you actually do something, that you know will be epic but you’re scared shitless? Basically. His answer? Do it scared, just do it, keep yourself so busy with actually doing it that you don’t have time to think about the scary side of it. Pretty good advice. I also got to meet Ben Brown and Nicole Eddy, he’s cool and I love his cinematography, however I am such a fan of Nicole and her excellent sense of humour. I also hung out for a wee bit with Kaya and Jake, both excellent people. This sparked such a fire in my belly, it was a pivotal moment. June also seen us going to the cinema on the beach in the pouring rain, my friend Teresa came over for a weekend visit and of course, plenty of laughing. Pretty amazing month.

In July we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We went up to the Chap Olympaid in London, which is definitely something everyone should experience at least once. Particularly if you’re a fan of vintage fashions! Everyone gets dressed up and makes a day of it. Aside from that I attended more events and started focusing more on blogging and my youtube channel.

AUGUST! My birthday month. It was a hectic one. More events up in London, including SITC, I was so pleased to get to hang out with Sonja in person, we’d been online friends for so long! All the laughs. I had a quiet birthday but I was spoilt by the husband.

In September there was more hanging out with the Holly, legend that she is and meeting more blogging friends. We also got to celebrate Simon’s granny’s birthday. 92! It was a fun evening and we had a fun time celebrating. We also got to chill out a bit and basically spent a really long weekend skating, playing croquet with friends and enjoying wine in front of the fire pit. Rather wonderful really.

October saw things slowly starting to quieten down on the events front, but I still popped along to a few and hung out with Lyndsay. All the chuckles. We also helped our friend move to the West Country! This was mostly a wonderful weekend. We visited Cheddar Gorge, which is just stunning. If you’re a fan of climbing, you really need to pay it a visit. Or just go for a walk along it. Beautiful. On our drive back we were in an accident, thankfully we came out of it intact and no physical harm was done. I also managed to complete Vlogtober! I posted a video every, single, day. With a matching blog post! I was rather pleased about that, most of them were good quality, although the odd one definitely wasn’t. Excellent learning experience.

November was the month of s’mores and laughing until I cried with Lyndsay at an excellent blogger evening. Then we’re on to December!

December was a mix. I officially handed in my notice for the final time. I’d already attempted to hand it in, in June. That’s a story all onto itself. I got to hang out with Nat, more of this is needed this year. Then towards the end we went along to the Burning of the Clocks on Winter Solstice, it was a wonderful sight to see and possibly the last time we’ll experience it. It’s a way of getting rid of the bad things from your life and releasing your new intentions for the up coming year. Then we’re on to Christmas! We spent it with Simon’s family and it was wonderful. We went for walks, enjoyed lots of good food and company and generally relaxed…although I did do some work as I’m now freelance, so all the work needed!

All in all, a pretty amazing year. I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings and what new adventures we’ll have the opportunity to grasp. New countries, new work and fresh ideas. All of the good things ahead…with a decent dose of work.

I created a rather fun collage, or snapshot of my year from all of my vlog footage from the year.  Love how it turned out, you might spot a few familiar faces.  I hope you have an excellent 2017!

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16 thoughts on “My 2016

    1. Thank you Tereza! It was so nice looking over the year and seeing what had actually gone on 🙂 I hope you’ve a great 2017 too xx

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing year!! I’m so jealous of all the blogging events and the video conference you went to. I’d love if you did a blog post going into a bit more depth on how you found out about different blog events. eg. do you use a certain hashtag or participate in certain group chats to find them? I can never find any near me.

    1. I honestly just googled blogger/blogging events – I found the blogging events run by other bloggers. I’ve had other blogging friends tag me in posts on the various facebook groups – search for blogging groups. I follow the likes of Blogosphere Magazine, they have regular things throughout the year. The PR events I was invited to by the various PRs that I’ve worked with. I have to travel to most of them up in London.

        1. I did think that, you actually popped up a few times for the craic, almost as much as Simon! I aimed for all the happy things, lots of laughing!

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