Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Review

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Cover

You might remember seeing this mascara from my recent Simple Glowy Look.  I picked it up as part of one of Christmas gift sets, they’re such a great wait to try out different products.  This is the Clarins Supra Volume mascara*, which retails for £21.50 and you get the standard 8ml.    It’s definitely on the higher end of things when it comes to mascara, especially considering one of my all time favourites is the NYX Doll Eye mascara, which retails for £7.  So is it worth it?

It has a bristle brush, with short dense bristles rather than plastic.  I’m a fan of the bristles.  The formula is on the thick side, no wet lashes here thankfully!  I’m not a fan of wet mascara.  You can see from the picture below that it definitely adds volume and coats my lashes wonderfully.

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara Applied

I do love the application if I’m honest, it goes on so smoothly, no tugging and only a small amount of clumping.  I do think a little comb helps, just to remove any lumpy bits.  Then again, I’m a fan of clump free fluttery lashes.

The mascara layers up really nicely, you get some volume and length with a single coat.  With a second coat there is definitely an increase in volume, although be warned of the clumping.  I did even it out by adding a touch of mascara to the bottom, outer third of my lashes.  This mascara is also simple to remove, no rubbing required.

One downside that prevents me from raving about this mascara is the smudging under my eyes.  You can guarantee that after only a couple of hours of wear, I will have smudges.  Even if I only wear it on my top lashes.  It’s so infuriating.  For an expensive mascara, I would expect it to stay put.  My NYX Doll Eye stays in place much longer and less smudging.  So would I recommend this mascara?  I’m not sure I would.  I love the formula, I love how it applies and I really do enjoy the end result.  Sadly I just don’t like the smudging.  Maybe when it’s a wee bit older it will wear better, but at £21.50 it should be wearable for the full 3 months of it’s life.

Have you tried this mascara?  Did you notice the smudging?  Is it just something with my eyes?  It’s so annoying, someone wave a magic wand and fix it please.  Thanks!

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